I saw my doc and now she’s trying me on Topamax for my blinding headaches as the other pills before didn’t work. Unlike the others that you take when you GET a headache these ones you take to PREVENT it. It’s supposed to widen the blood vessels in the brain so they don’t constrict. It’s also an anti-seizure medication and an added bonus too: it’s an appetite suppressant, helps you lose weight (yeah!) and helps with OCD and bi-polar disorder. She agreed my symptoms ARE troubling and is referring me to a neurologist. She also noticed I’m puffy and swollen(ankles and fingers) and said I might need to take diuretics and my BP was still high (160/100 which is actually one of my BETTER ones!) and had me get a BP monitor to use at home to regularly monitor it. She also said my gallbladder report showed it was extremely swollen and inflamed and on the brink of rupture and that I had my surgery done just in the nick of time and added that if it HAD ruptured I “would have been a ‘goner’!” My blood labs showed my cholestral is low as well(surprising considering my gallbladder problems), I don’t have diabetes or  thyroid problems.She said she suspects I might have a “circulation problem” as well.

On the way home my hubby and I also stopped to eat at Swiss Chalet (I had the cheese pierogies and cheesy garlic bread) and they were playing awful redneck COUNTRY music and I just about almost DIED! I wadded up a napkin and shoved it in my ears as earplugs but I could STILL hear it( and I bet my BP shot up REALLY high!) so I asked the server if I could either make a request that they change the music or let us sit outside on the patio so that I wouldn’t have to listen to it(it was either that or change the order to take-out)…..and they actually changed the music! She said people have asked before too so I guess I’m NOT the ONLY one who can’t stand redneck music! Speaking of rednecks, a police car circled around our street 4 times in a short period yesterday and then stopped at the “meth lab” house at the corner, banging on the door for a good 5 minutes yelling,”Come outside! I want to talk to you!” Geez, it feels like we live in the ghetto! I hate this town!