I am infuriated and angry. People don’t have their priorities straight! On the news it showed the “Curiousity” Mars rover and bragged how it costs billions of dollars on top of the other billions for the space program in general and this gets me so mad: what a waste of money! Don’t they realize how many Third-World countries could be helped out of poverty and starvation with that money instead? It could alleviate so much human suffering instead of being wasted on the space program and on war.They would prefer to show off with their advanced technology and progress and to kill innocent civilians than to help those fleeing the civil war in Syria, or the victims of natural disasters, wars, poverty, oppression, starvation,etc. As well, Iran had 2  major earthquakes that hit 60 villages, levelling 4 of them and killing some 180 people and wounding 1300 more, yet was this the main and first story on the TV news?…, it was the stupid Olympics! Un-f*cking -believable!! The earthquakes are a major newsworthy event and they think some stupid sports competition is more important? I’m so glad that crap will FINALLY be over today! Thank GOD! I’m sooo tired of always hearing about it and seeing it everywhere, hijacking the news reports, taking precedence over REAL news! Good riddance! At least now I won’t have to hear about the stupid thing for another 4 YRS!

As well, I was saying I wish I could move out on my own into a tiny log cabin somewhere, just me and a Chihuahua(except with my Asperger’s I couldn’t survive on my own and would need someone to take care of me; to do my grocery shopping, banking, bills, taxes,etc.) and my mother sneered that the 9 YR old(who’s close to me) could take care of me when she’s older, but that wouldn’t be fair to her and I don’t want to be a burden; she needs to have her own life, to go to university and have her own job and family,and not be held back by me, which is another reason why I hope I die before I’m 50(I’m 45 now)like I’ve always had a feeling I will because I’m miserable here with my mother and hubby that mistreat me and with a family that hates me and wants to get rid of me but I can’t change the situation and  I’m unable to go anywhere else and am just trapped. I wish I could trade my family and my life.The 9 YR old also tried some of my ultra-spicy Korean Kimchi and her face went red, her eyes watered and she gulped down almost a litre of lemonade and if she breathed over someone’s BBQ coals she could have started the fire! I’m still unable to start my pills too as the pharmacy STILL can’t reach my doctor. People here suck and are so incompetent!

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