Nostalgic Music.

 Yesterday I listened to old songs from the 70’s and 80’s on YouTube. It brings back happy nostalgic memories of my childhood,teen, and early adulthood YRS. It’s funny how for me hearing a certain song brings me back to a certain time and place and a certain happy memory that goes along with it. It’s almost like travelling back in time, and when I hear certain songs happy memories come flooding back and when I feel particularly sad I like to listen to them as a reminder of happier times.Sometimes when I hear a song it makes me think of and even miss certain people associated with that memory and time. Here is a list of the main songs and the time it brings me back to. In most cases it was when the song was released but in other cases it was just the time period that I heard it most and associate it with best to my memory. All these songs bring me back to a happy time and place:

Wind Of Change( age 20)

Fantasy(grade 10)

Twilight Zone(grade 10)

My Oh My( summer of 1984, just before grade 12)

Cum On Feel The Noize ( grade 10)

Coming Up (summer of grade 7 before grade 8)

Eyes Without A Face( summer of 1984 when I moved to Los Angeles)

Heat Of The Moment( grade 9)

Africa(grade 9)

The Friends Of Mr.Cairo(grade 9)

Chariots Of Fire(grade 9)

Emotional Rescue(summer of grade 8)

Love Bites( Aug 1988 when I liked Glen)

Footloose( age 16 on a plane to L.A)

Another Brick In The Wall( grade 7)

Electric Avenue(1983 when I liked Norman)

Knowing Me Knowing You( summer of grade 6 before grade 7)

White Knights(age 20)

Baracuda(age 11)

Grease(age 12)

Brick House( age 12)

Take It On The Run(grade 8)

Eye Of The Tiger( grade 8)

The Warrior(grade 12)

Self Control(grade 12)

I’m So Excited(grade 12)

Flashdance(age 16)

Run Run Away(summer before grade 12)

Goodbye Girl( age 11)

Baker Street(age 11)

Car Wash( age 10 or 11)

Disco Inferno(age 10 or 11)

Play That Funky Music(age 9)

YMCA(age 12)

Stayin’ Alive(age 11 or 12)