My New Shoes!!

 These are my new funky pink shoes,my Converse All-Star Hi-Tops! They arrived just a mere 3 DAYS after I ordered them! I LOVE it! They had them in men’s sizes so I applied the rule of thumb to “convert” to women’s sizes; 2 sizes difference; I ordered a men’s size 6 1/2 to match my women’s 8 1/2 and they fit perfectly! I also FINALLY got my pills; the doc’s office called the pharmacy back with the dosage and the pharmacy called us. Before they’d said if worse comes to worse and I’m hit with another blinding headache in the meantime to go to to the ER and have a doctor there fill in the dosage. Someone also searched,”I’m so glad the Olympics are finally over” to find my blog(my feelings exactly!) and I will never read “Fifty Shades Of Grey”, the popular but filthy smutty pornographic novel that glorifies S+M and abusive relationships. My mother’s cousin read it and says “millions of people can’t be wrong” and I told her, “Ummm, yeah… about slavery and Nazi Germany?” I have never gone along with the crowd and I’m NOT about to start now and there is a moral line that I will NOT cross!

The kids have Bible Camp this week as well, the younger ones go and the older ones are counsellers.They had fun except the 9 YR old got hit in the face with a soccer ball, and I won’t let the 16 YR old wear her usual all-black and  freaky Goth/Punk/vampire clothes and accessories( such as studs, spikes, chains, bracelets that look like dog collars,weird fingerless gloves,etc) since it still IS at church(show some respect, will you?) and I told her to at least dress and act normal for this week;she has to make a good impression on the kids she’s teaching and be a good example and I think the parents would have an issue if their kids decided to copy her and look like a freak and the 9 YR old told me some kids in her class noticed her as well and said “Look at her weird hair!” The 14 YR old also said she “can’t help” her OCD and rigid perfectionism yet he makes fun of MY Asperger’s and Social Phobia, and he  said it’s ok if he’s a redneck(with no manners or culture) like my hubby as everyone else in this hick-ass town is too but I hold my kids  to a higher standard and expectations, and besides, he’s not going to be living here forever and when he eventually moves away to a big city for university and a job later they’ll think “What a LOSER!”

I wish I could move as well as I hate it here(but we can’t afford to move) and we wouldn’t even be able to sell the house though; it’s messy and dirty, things are broken, missing and in disrepair(we can’t afford to fix or replace) chunks of paint and plaster coming off the walls, the kids have wrecked it ,and we have mice and ants.We’ll NEVER be able to unload this shit-hole or get any $$$$ out of it,and the rednecks at the “drug den” at the corner have snuck back in after the landlord evicted them as well,and no matter what my mother says about me as a mother at least I(unlike HER!) have always stayed home with MY kids, they’ve never been left with sitters,haven’t been bullied in school, I homeschool,and try to raise them godly. I think people aren’t good mothers if they send their kids off to daycare and to Public school and neglect their religious and moral upbringing!