Bible Camp Pageant.

 Bible Camp went well and the kids had a great time! The younger kids went and the older kids were leaders.They played games, sang songs, danced, made crafts, learned Bible lessons and stories, played in the water, went inside a big bubble,had snacks,and had a pageant. Seeing the teens there reminded me of when I was young as well,missing that time,wishing I could go back and have  that life back again. The 9 YR old was also chosen to do a reading at the Mass before the pageant except it was a prayer for the military which we don’t support due to them killing innocent civilians(we pray for those being killed, not for the killers, and Jesus was non-violent and God commands us “Thou shall NOT kill” and the church should know better!) so I wouldn’t let her do it and requested that they switch and give her another reading instead, explaining that we “don’t agree with what the military is doing” and there wasn’t any problem; they let us switch and gave her a grade 6 reading as they “heard she’s a good reader” and it went off without a hitch. I felt really sweaty and faint in Mass though and wondered if the A/C maybe wasn’t working but everyone else said it was ok so it must be a side-effect of my pills; they said it can decrease sweating and cause heat stroke.I honestly thought I was going to pass out and don’t know how I made it thru.

As well, my mother is being a bitch as usual and smacked the 9 YR old on the mouth so *I* smacked HER across the mouth and sternly told her “If you EVER hit my kids ever again I’ll hit YOU, do you understand?” and then she goes off sobbing to the kids how *I* “abuse” HER(can you BELIEVE it?) and how *I’M” “mean” to “a 71 YR old woman” etc. and when I said SHE’S the abusive one who’s always hassling ME and when I defend myself  or my kids she turns it around and says I’m the one to blame she said “take a survey; everyone would say it’s the other way around!” and I told her it wouldn’t be a fair survey since she’s turned my kids against me and “buys” their affection and loyalty so of COURSE they’d “side” with her, anyway! She also defended a school play glorifying homosexuality and says to me “Can’t you be more tolerant?”(she’s always excusing sin and has no morals or ethics) and I told her,”No, I’m NOT tolerating sin!” and even my hubby agreed saying,”Of course they’re promoting it; that’s what the schools DO; that’s why we homeschool,and we’re NOT to tolerate it!”This isn’t the life I want. I want the life I used to have in Toronto, when I was a kid, when I used to be happy.(I hardly ever saw her as a kid so I was much happier) I know you can’t go back, but I wish you could.It’s been so long since I’ve been happy that I don’t even remember what it even feels like.

I also read in the news that Canada is number one at both buying and selling illegal drugs such as marijuana and cocaine online.Wouldn’t you know it. This country sucks more and more all the time and keeps on giving me more and more reasons all the time to hate it even more than I already do. Our oldest also finished his summer job and is coming to visit us before he goes back to school but he has the Flu(honestly, who gets the Flu in the SUMMER?) so he’ll be coming a bit later than originally planned but at least we still get to see him!