Syrian Rebels.

 Gov’t violence in Syria has gone on for some almost 18 months now killing on average 100 civilians a day, now an all-out civil war, with the UN helpless to stop it and the international community unwilling to intervene and stop the slaughter like they did in Libya for fear of angering Iran and Israel, in the meantime innocent people are dying and fleeing across borders to refugee camps. I hope the dictatorship of Assad falls, and I hope the rebel forces win, but at the same time I was also dismayed to hear that the rebels as well have been killing people indisriminately as well, incl. members of a prominent family who were gov’t supporters; they dragged them out of their house and lined them up against a wall and  shot them,executing them, making them no better than the gov’t forces. They have also kidnapped and tortured people. Nothing good ever comes out of war. People on both sides suffer. In this case there IS a legitimate cause; there is a brutal regime and the people are fighting for democracy and their freedom but there is wrongdoing on both sides and there seems to be no quick resolution or end to the conflict any time soon. I had seen the rebels as freedom fighters but now my image of them has been disillusioned although I still side with them over the brutal regime that allows no dissent and slaughters it’s own people. It’s also sad that when people were so busy watching the Olympics that hundreds kept dying daily as well as in the earthquakes in Iran and thousands more injured and lost their homes,but did anyone even notice? Did anyone even care? The news reports had their priorities all wrong….

As well, 3 of the kids feel sick so I wonder if maybe THAT’S why I felt yucky and faint in Mass and it’s NOT my new pills afterall(although it still could be….) and now my brain decline’s worsening too and I spelled “school” as “skhool” and “violence” as “violenence” and various other words wrong, the piano tuner came, the 14 YR old was fooling around and broke my fan and shrugged,”I don’t give a crap!” as always everyone always disrespects MY stuff and wonders WHY I want a different family; a different mother,a  different husband, different kids(some of them,anyway) a different life, and with my mother threatening to NOT phone my doc’s for app’t’s(as with my Social Phobia I can’t talk on the phone) and blackmailing me with it I realized I DO have “leverage” afterall: SHE also  needs ME to e-mail the travel agent about HER trips as SHE doesn’t use the computer… if she wants ME to do THAT for HER SHE has to make the phone calls for ME(as it works BOTH ways!) in return! She cackled as well about me not agreeing with what the military does, “There’s always SOMETHING you don’t agree with!”I miss my old life as well and I want it back. I miss being happy. I miss who I used to be and  I miss the life I used to have. All I have now are the memories.  I’m also  sad summer’s almost over and I’m desperately trying to hold on to the last 2 weeks of summer! I already dread going back to homeschooling! I don’t “enjoy” it; I just do it because it’s best for the kids.

I saw on blog as well someone said what perfectly describes how I feel in life : ” I always feel I’m in last place and will never catch up” and saw elsewhere someone is so ridiculous and absurd they said they’d rather be homeless than to have to move into an apt. and give away their pet! How retarded is THAT?It’s just an ANIMAL, and people’s needs are more important than animals and should take priority and come FIRST,and I realized the difference between a Canadian redneck and an American redneck is the Canadian redneck says “Eh” and the American redneck says “Y’all”, and yet another way this country sucks: the PM meeting with the German leader Merkel they expect HER to allow Canada in the free trade with the European Union yet still refuse to help give them $$$$ to help them out of their debt crisis…not realizing that it works both ways and why would they help us if we’re not willing to help them? This country never has cared about anyone else or helped anyone else out; they’re selfish and greedy and only care about their own selfish self interest.They’ll remember later on who helped them out of their debt crisis and who didn’t and depending on that will favour who THEY’LL trade with and be favourable to and I can tell you right now it WON’T be Canada,and rightly so!