Things That Make Me Happy.




-happy memories


-sitting out in the sun

-the beach



-beanbag chairs

-songs from the 70’s and 80’s

-French braids

– oatmeal

-Cream Soda

-the sounds of chirping crickets


-the smell of fresh cut grass

hearing kids laughing and playing

-the breeze

– a nice long hot bath


-the ocean


-the smell of coconut

-flying and looking out at the clouds


– looking at old photographs

-biographical movies

– sequins

– brocade

– culture

– shopping

– solitude

-pearl pink nailpolish

– the smell of Noxzema

-ice cream

– falling snow

-flannel bedsheets

-feather pillows

-heavy knit pullover sweaters

-gauze peasant skirts


-Indian food

-Reggae and Blues

-being bald

-laying on the grass on my back at night looking up at the stars

-ballet flats

-shag carpeting

-jelly-filled donuts

-headache-free days





As well, yesterday for the first time in my life ever I saw a hummingbird and it was so small and so awesome, and I saw the house that had the fire and it didn’t look as bad as our house when we had the fire(not as much damage) and it’s better for them as they’re just renting but we owned the house and had to have it repaired(it took 10 weeks and we had to stay at a motel) so it’s not their problem; they just have to look in the newspaper ads for a place to rent and move in and they don’t have any furniture anymore to have to worry about moving either; just find another place,move in,and start over; the owner has to worry about fixing it all up! I also found out from my Muslim friends that the holy month of Ramadan has ended and that Ramadan signifies the time when their prophet Mohammed was given the Quran.See, you learn something every day!