Teacher’s Strike.

 As often before the new school YR goes back, greedy teacher’s unions are threatening to strike. I don’t feel “sorry” for them. No one else makes such a good salary(between 60 000$- 91 000$/YR and has all summer off, every weekend off AND 2 weeks off for Christmas vacation AND all holidays off AND a week off March Break). They always do this at the expense of students’ education and for them it’s all about the money, and in this economy EVERYONE has to cut back but  for some reason they think that they’re exempt. The provincial gov’t is calling the MPP’s back 2 weeks early to order the teacher’s wages frozen and to legislate them back to work in the event of a strike/lock out  so that the thuggish union can’t hold the public hostage and delay the start of the school YR. Yet another reason I’m so glad that we homeschool! For ONCE the Liberal gov’t is doing something GOOD(usually they’re corrupt and they suck) and I applaud them! Either way something good will come out of it; either they won’t allow the teachers’ union to bully and get away with it or else the minority gov’t will be brought down in the attempt.

As well, our oldest is meeting with the Dean of his university today about his Scholarship and Honours program and then he’s coming up here to visit us for a few days either later this week or early next week before he has to go back to school,the 14 YR old had to go to the ER as for 4 days he’s had a REALLY sore throat and now it’s also really red and has these “pimples” or something on it and it hurts so much he can’t even swallow or eat and he’s been sleeping pretty much 2 days straight(there’s a virus going thru our house) and even though he doesn’t have a fever it isn’t getting any better and I worry he has Strep throat so they took a throat swab but results take 48 HRS and they said they’ll call us if anything shows up and he needs antibiotics. Now the 5 YR old’s sick as well: fever, runny nose, sneezing, tired-looking eyes,sore throat and a little cough, poor thing.My Rasta wristbands came as well but they’re tight because I’m fat, and  for the past few days I notice the mood stabilizing properties of my pills are starting to work as well and it feels like a “fog” is starting to lift and my headaches are less now as well; I still have them but it takes the “edge” off and hopefully soon they will disappear entirely….

I also think maybe the reason my mother hates me is I remind her of my father as I have alot of his personality traits: He disapproved, protested, disagreed, boycotted,and complained about stuff like I do as well, he was political, outspoken, opinionated, stubborn, stood up for things , wouldn’t back down, made “waves”, was confrontational,strong-willed, spoke up, was vocal,went against things,defied authority,and defended what he believed in,  just like I do, and a friend of mine from grade 10 got married and moved out of the country to join her husband and now she’s lonely and misses her home, her family and friends and I feel sad for her and my mother snorted,”No one’s EVER happy!” and I told her,” You NEVER  have ANY compassion for ANYONE; only criticism and blame!” I can see WHY my father left her; she’s difficult to love and impossible to live with!

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