Don’t Shoot The Messenger!

 Wikileaks whistle-blower Julian Assange has been holed up in the London- based embassy of Ecuador for a few months now as they are trying to extradite him to Sweden where he has been charged on sex crimes which I(and pretty well everyone else) thinks it’s just trumped-up false charges in retaliation for exposing gov’t secrets on the website, mainly from USA. I think it was just a couple of whores that had consensual sex with him and  he was then set up and they made up these false charges to get back at him for exposing corruption and they want to make an example of him and punish him for exposing the truth. They couldn’t charge him for exposing the truth so they had to make something else up and get him some other way so they invented the “rape” stories.As long as he’s under the embassy’s protection they can’t touch him….or can they? Now Britain is threatening to storm the embassy and haul him out and arrest him and send him off to Sweden where he’s afraid he’ll be then sent to USA and possibly face the death penalty for “treason” for exposing their shameful dirty little secrets even though he’s not even American(he’s Australian,actually).Personally, I wouldn’t put it past the Americans either.

Now he has to somehow get around this;Ecuador is standing by him and supporting him on human rights issues and freedom of the press and freedom of information issues and said they’ll even make him a citizen and give him their protection and allow him to move there,perhaps even going as far as making him a diplomat(and therefore he’ll have diplomatic immunity) so the British can’t touch him and can’t arrest him,and therefore would be able to get him safely out of the country, but even if so the very fact that they even threatened to storm the embassy still creates very sensitive issues; it would be like invading another country(since an embassy is in effect a part of that country abroad) and as the Ecuadoran leader said Latin America are Sovereign nations no longer under British Colonization and they have no right to invade them like that and who do they think they are? Over-stepping international boundaries like that is bound to cause an international uproar if not outright war,perhaps even leading to the Latin American nations banding together and storming their British embassies over the globe in retaliation.Britain better think long and hard before they consider making a brazen and disrespectful move like that,violating international law,and for what? To punish a freedom fighter; a man who did nothing wrong, who just exposed secrets that people have the right to know? For exposing the truth; for telling the world the wrongdoing that gov’t’s are secretly doing? Good for him! I think he’s innocent of all these other charges. I think they’re just trying to bring him down and make him look bad and discredit him. I hope he gets safely to Ecuador, that more secrets are exposed, that evil-doers are punished and that fascist states like the UK don’t get away with strong-arm tactics that try to muscle their way in to other countries’ sovereignty.

As well, I also has this weird dream that former Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak died, so I wonder if he really WILL soon……time will tell……