Things That I Did As A Kid.

 I had an awesome childhood as a kid growing up a kid in the 1970’s.It was a great time to be a kid.I will always be grateful and thankful for and cherish that time.Here are some of the things I did and have the fondest memories of:


-going to the cottage

-playing Hide-and-Seek

-playing Tag

-riding bikes


-jumping rope(incl. Double-Dutch)


-figure skating

-played Hopscotch


-swimming in pools, in the lake and in the creek

-catching frogs in the creek

-being chased out of an apple orchard by an angry farmer


– going to the park

-climbing trees

-climbing fences

-playing badminton

-playing tennis

-hitting the tennis ball against the school wall

-hitting the tennis ball against the school wall in a nylon stocking

– toboganning

-coasting down a snowy hill sitting on my lunchbox

– skiing

-horseback riding

-going on my cousin’s motorboat

-playing Red Rover

-playing British Bulldog

-playing with dolls and Barbies

-going to Centre Island

-stringing elastic bands together into a chain and jumping over them

– doing cartwheels on the lawn

– staying out until dark

– sitting out on the veranda with friends

-going to the corner store for candy

-walking thru the field

– going to the beach

-going to the CNE( The “Ex”)

– goofing off with my cousins

-having friends over and going to their houses

– making a fake plaster cast

– crank calling my teachers and boys from my class

-running under the sprinkler

– Valentine’s Day cards

– colouring books

– read

– watch cartoons

– fling the swings around the poles at the park

– roll down hills and get my clothes all stained green from the grass

– making tin foil balls

– building snowmen

– going on my cousin’s Ski-Doo

– making “slam books”

-having sleep-overs

– go to camp


As well, now the 5 YR old, 9 YR old and 16 YR old are barfing, I got stung by a wasp and it got stuck in my arm and was hanging there and I had to flick it off and the stinger was still in there so I had to take it out and my arm REALLY swelled up like 10 times normal size and now it looks like a balloon and is all red, hot, hard, itchy, swollen and sore from being so swollen and stretched out; it feels like it’s going to rip and explode, like one of those big fat sausages that splits when you fry it so I put calamine lotion on it, put an ice pack on it and took Aspirin and Benadryl for the swelling, pain and allergic reaction. I can hardly even move it it’s so swollen and hurts so much; it’s agony and of course it HAS to be my left arm  too and I’m left-handed!  The neighbours next door also got a cute little 5 week old Shih Tzu puppy and let us play with it and I’m so jealous and it makes me want a Chihuahua even more but of course my mother and hubby will never go for it, and a friend of mine and her family moved back to the Netherlands from Italy(she’s Dutch) due to economic reasons and she said it was a 16 HR drive and here it takes 3 DAYS to drive from Ontario to BC!

I was also excited yesterday when a package arrived in the mail I THOUGHT was the cool hippo T-shirt I’d ordered and that I was looking forward to receiving…..but when I opened it up it was instead a wolf and a tiger shirt….they’d mixed up the order and the bill enclosed was for a woman in Alberta; they’d switched our orders! I’m furious! WHY DO these things ALWAYS happen to ME? I think I really must be cursed! On their website it also said exchanges on U.S orders ONLY but they sure as hell BETTER exchange it and send me the hippo shirt I ordered esp. as it WAS their fault; they’re the ones that sent the wrong shirt and I’m sure as hell NOT paying for something that I don’t want and didn’t order, and I don’t want a stupid tiger and wolf shirt; I want the hippo one that I’d ordered so if they refuse to exchange it I’ll just have the credit card company put a stop on the payment. I’m so sick of all this shit always happening to me. It’s like diarrhrea; it keeps on coming and never lets up.Why can’t things just go right for once?