The 9 YR old got this cute “Torva” plush carrot toy from IKEA when my hubby was in Toronto for work and when he was driving home he drove past this horrific accident: a van got the entire top sheared off it and the driver was decapitated all because he didn’t want to wait for a construction truck to pass.Luckily he didn’t witness the actual accident itself but he saw the fire trucks and everything there afterwards and someone told him what happened.Yuck. The 9 and 5 YR olds are also feeling better now and haven’t barfed any more and are eating and sitting up and we haven’t heard back  about the 14 YR old’s Strep test so I guess it was negative and must have just been a virus. My wasp sting is better; my arm’s still itchy and swollen but less; it’s not like a balloon like it was and I poke little holes into it with a pin to let out pressure and venom and to ease with the itch.I found out as well my friend Jackie from grade 8 has 3 kids now, but she wasn’t really a friend I guess as when she’d come over to my house she’d always eat all the  banana bread and drink all the  juice and she’d say she likes my things and ask me if she can have them and when I’d say no she’d hit me ,and she borrowed my umbrella too and never did return it and every time I’d ask her for it back she’d hit me,too!

The pool’s also green with algae again(I’m so sick of this all the time; it’s so much trouble) and a garbage-picking scavenger stole the pop cans out of our recycling box again; people here steal EVERYTHING,even GARBAGE, our oldest is taking the train up and he’ll be here later tonight and visiting just under a week before he has to go back for school, the 17 YR old has become a health Nazi and is measuring every carb, protein, etc. and dictating to the other kids what they should and shouldn’t eat,and I heard back about my hippo shirt: they can’t even send me out another one as it’s out of stock! Doesn’t it FIGURE? MY typical bad luck! Can you believe this? Luckily they ARE refunding my money and even gave me a 10$ coupon off any future order but I declined, telling them I won’t be needing it; since I didn’t get my first order there’s no way I’ll ever be ordering anything else from them ever again! They’ve got to be kidding if they think I’m stupid enough to order from them again! I found the shirt elsewhere and ordered it and hope THIS time it actually shows up! As for the 2 wrong shirts they sent me by mistake they said I can keep them and they fit the 14 and 17 YR olds but the 17 YR old doesn’t want it so maybe our oldest will like it and they DON’T look 3-D like they’re supposed to, either; yet something ELSE that doesn’t work for us like it’s supposed to!