Reasons I’m Glad We Homeschool.

 Hearing the public school teachers are threatening to strike(once again) makes me glad we homeschool. Quite often I am given these sobering reminders why I am glad(and grateful) that we homeschool.Not that I have doubts or need reminders but it’s nice to have reminders that we’re doing the right thing and to never have any doubts.After I was mercilessly bullied in school public school was never an option for my kids and we could never afford private school so homeschool it is. It’s not easy, it’s hard work, it was expensive in the beginning(when we first had to get the curriculum and supplies, now it’s cheaper we have less books to get) and sometimes I struggle and it’s not something I can say I enjoy, but it’s best for the kids and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We have always homeschooled, the kids enjoy it and their friends envy it and wish they were homeschooled too. It is a blessing and my vocation.

Reasons I’m glad we homeschool:

– kids don’t have to worry about bullying.

– no violence.

– free from bad influences such as peer pressure, smoking, drinking,drugs, gangs,and sex

– not another brick in the wall, they don’t have to conform or be cast out, aren’t ostracized

– no hassles about school buses or worries about accidents

-kids won’t be bored if they’re too smart or left behind if they’re struggling. Homeschooling is flexible and catered to each child’s needs and ability.

– public school is nothing more than Nanny State glorified daycare, social engineering,mass  political brainwashing, indoctrination, State sponsored propaganda, and forced acceptance of feminism, environmentalism, liberalism,socialism,Political Correctness, and the gay agenda.

– creativity and individuality  isn’t squashed but encouraged

– religion is encouraged and taught, and not forbidden,mocked,ridiculed,or punished.

– we are free to have our own beliefs and not have to blindly follow the herd

– it’s flexible and we can study according to our own time schedule and plan

– we have control over the curriculum and don’t have to do what the gov’t dictates which is always anti-religion,anti-family andanti-life

– we have the freedom to actually TEACH religion

– kids won’t be picked on by mean teachers

– we have more free time

-kids can learn at their own pace

– kids learn to become independent learners earlier

-kids learn to read much earlier

-kids out-perform their public school peers

-don’t have to worry about teacher’s strikes

-don’t have to make school lunches

-there aren’t any subjects or classes that we object to(like sex ed or Hallowe’en parties)

-kids don’t have to worry about not being “cool” or not fitting in

– don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts of money on the most fashionable clothing to fit in

– ease in which to come to class each day: just walk down stairs!

-no problem on sick days:just take the day off!

-take holidays whenever we want

– kids aren’t nervous about starting school

-kids actually ENJOY school

-my kids  aren’t forced to be vaccinated

-it’s harder for Child Welfare to keep track of homeschoolers

-no problem about “snow days”; we’re already at home anyway!

-kids not socializing with the wrong people but with good people in other groups such as Cadets, Cubs, church youth groups, etc.

-lessons aren’t permeated with the occult

-immorality isn’t taught , encouraged,promoted,or allowed

-kids actually learn how to read and write, can do essays, math, etc.

-Creationism is taught and not evolution crap


As well, I noticed on my arm I have 3 holes so I actually got stung by the wasp 3 times so I guess THAT’S why it swelled up so bad this time, our 2 oldest kids are here for a few days to visit before they have to go back for school, the pool’s green, cloudy,and foggy from algae again and I’m so sick of this all the time and it’s so much time, expense,work, and trouble, and we lose a foot of water every day too and have to run the hose 10-12 HRS every DAY to re-fill (if the water level goes too low, below the skimmer line, the pump will burn out)and the water bill was 400$ this month; it’s a money pit,and the PVR’s shit too; movies that are set to record don’t ,and the TV keeps turning off ,and the online game the 14 and 17 YR old’s got doesn’t work either(they never DO for us),and the dryer door keeps opening, and the washing machine makes funny noises,too,and my mother smirked to me,”You hate everything!”…yeah, of COURSE when NOTHING works! Everything we HAVE is SHIT!!

It’s so hot again as well (30 C and feels like 36C) it’s even hotter inside than outside and you have to go outside to cool down and even though we DO have central a/c it doesn’t work so well and doesn’t cool the house down(it was 89 F inside) and it’s sweltering hot in the summer in here and freezing cold in the winter and it’s so hot the sweat was dripping down my face and my shirt was soaking wet and my mother and hubby taunt it’s “hot flashes” with menopause, and a friend in Florida said they’ve declared a state of emergency there as well with hurricane Isaac and I heard on the news a mother snatched her 2 boys from foster care but they caught them in NY probably because some nosey parker couldn’t mind their own business and informed on them,just like in Nazi Germany. It’s too bad.I was hoping they’d get away and they would never find them.Kids belong with their mother.