Cool Things I’ve Seen.


– The Alps

– Ancient ruins in Greece, Turkey and Pompeii

– The Pyramids

-Walked in the crater of Mt.Etna

-Walked along the path Jesus did to His Crucifxion and saw where He lived,grew up and died

– A hummingbird

-Black sand created by a volcano

-Puppies being born

-newborn baby mice

-Four-leaf clovers

-A squirrel chasing a bird along a fence

– Lightening during a snowstorm

-The caves of Gibraltar

-Coral in the Caribbean Sea

– Houses carved out of the sides of cliffs in the mountains

-Majestic castles

-Lightening hit the side of my plane

-A hawk swoop down and snatch a bird off the grass in it’s claws and fly back up

-A pickle stuck to a wall in Mc Donald’s

– Lightening hit a transformer and it exploded and blue sparks flew out of it

– Hail stones the size of golf balls

-A Boa constrictor swallow a mouse whole and seeing the mouse travel down the length of the snake

– A squirrel fall out of a tree

– Multi-coloured rainbow tulip fields in Holland from the air,rows and rows of bright vivid colours

-Mexican Jumping Beans

-My cousin wiggle his ears

-A guy blowing smoke out of his nose


As well, our oldest told me he went skydiving 2 weeks ago and I almost had a heart attack( I think he’s trying to kill me!) and even though he turns 23 in a couple of months he still acts like a 12 YR old and isn’t mature: in church he kept shining his little red laser at his siblings and was drinking his water bottle and eating chewy fruit snacks(no eating or drinking in church!) and reading a book, and another ignorant redneck was letting her dog go to the bathroom on our grass again as well and I remarked to one of the kids,”Another stupid dog is shitting on our lawn again!” and the lady replied,”Don’t worry; I’m picking it up!” and I told her,”Thank you!” because most people DON’T, and besides, how do you pick up the PEE(and that’s what kills the grass the most and makes it go yellow!) and they’re so rude they even STILL  let them do it when they see me sitting right there, and even though we put 2 jugs of shock in the pool it still has algae and now  it’s even greener than before(every time I look at it it gets even greener) and my mother’s lower  back pain was so bad she almost barfed and she had to lay down all day and she’s complained about it quite alot lately too and I’m wondering if maybe she might even have some sort of cancer….