The Ambulance.

 My mother has a really sore back, she said it was the worst pain she’s ever had in her LIFE, rating it a 10/10 on the pain scale; it’s so bad she can’t sit or even move, so she begged us to call her an ambulance to take her to the hospital as she wasn’t able to even sit up in the car for my hubby to drive her(she had to lay down flat), so we did and the paramedics quickly came,and the next door neighbours were gawking as the ambulance pulled up into the driveway and pulled the stretcher out,wondering what was wrong. They asked her questions and took her BP which was high(likely due to the pain and stress) and I was worried it might be some sort of cancer perhaps spine,colon,rectal,or ovarian, the types that typically cause lower back pain(although  they also cause weight loss, diarrhea,and bleeding as well which she doesn’t have) or perhaps even sciatica, a pinched nerve, slipped disc, or maybe bone fragments loose and rubbing like she had in her knee 10 YRS ago and had surgery for…..but it ended up to just be a muscle spasm(and she was back home in record time,too, in just over an HR!) I couldn’t believe it; all that pain and  immobility and it was just a pulled MUSCLE? The doctor said he could feel the lump; the “knot” in her muscle and she now has powerful muscle relaxants and codeine for the pain and has to stay laying down for 3 days.He said it was the type caused from a lifting injury that would have occurred over the past 24-48 HRS and when she thought back she remembered she DID lift up the big jug of water for the water cooler! They never did an X-ray or scan though so I wonder how did they know the mass WAS just a muscle ad NOT a tumour? It’s hard to believe that it’s just a muscle cramp…..I was really scared she might have cancer and I don’t want her to die; I just want her to stop meddling ,and with her incapacitated up  in her RM it WAS nice with her NOT interfering,except *I* had to do ALL the work; for BOTH of us!

As well, the 5 YR old was record-bad yesterday as well, even for him: he managed to insult and hurt ALL the kids: kicked and hit them, bit them, scratched them(one even needed a band-aid) threw a bundle-buggy at another and cut her leg, called them names,punched them and made them cry, etc. and the kids are so eager to start their new homeschooling YR that they already started working on some of their lessons ahead of time even though we don’t officially start school for another WK, the 2nd oldest was trimming a bush and a squirrel jumped out and startled her and  she dropped the clippers on her head, and next door got a puppy and it makes me want to get a Chihuahua again even more and 3 of the kids want another dog again too but there’s no way my mother OR my hubby would EVER go for that ever again and even though I DO have the $$$ to buy one I’d need my hubby to call the breeder on the phone to reply to the ad and to drive there to pick up the dog and he’d refuse, so once again here I am trapped and helpless and at their mercy…..Redneck girls next door were also pointing at and checking out our oldest as well on our front porch with his shirt off!