Let’s Go To The Ex!

Yesterday we went to the CNE (The “Ex”) in Toronto.It was a long drive and we were gone all day and it’s was lots of walking and we’re tired but we had fun. My hubby decided to take the long way though,not listening to me when I said to take Lake Shore Blvd. instead, even though I grew up there and went to the Ex several times every summer and  went across the city on my own; he thinks he knows everything and I know nothing and talks down to me like I’m a dumb little kid. He also says I “whine” because I get tired and hurt and have to keep going to the bathroom. I liked being back in the city and I missed it and wish I could move back again except we couldn’t afford to live there now. I wish I could go back to the past. I wish I had my old life back. I was happy once and I wish I could go back to that time.I have so many fond memories I wish I could relive.

My hubby took the kids and they went on the rides(they didn’t play the games as it’s gambling which is a sin and they’re also a waste of $$$) and I looked in the buildings and then we’d meet up again for meals. I got peacock feathers, a cool backpack with rubber “spikes” on it, and a hippo carved out of wood. I also saw 3 shows(I had to keep sitting): an acrobat troupe from China(like the kind you’d see at a circus) a folk dance troupe from Russia(it reminded me of when I was there and saw  similar performances) and they did Cossack dancing, . and a ballerina as well,and a Gypsy Jazz trio.One of them looked like a guy I used to like too; very Bohemian; he had a little beard, long hair put back in a ponytail and wore a beret(that’s the kind of guy I SHOULD be with and not the redneck I ended up with) and they were the kind of band you could picture playing in a little bistro in Quebec City! I liked being back in the city seeing the diversity and multiculturalism there as well; seeing people from all different cultures, and I wished they’d sold puppies at the Ex and if they’d had Chihuahuas I would have bought one and just brought it home and then there would be nothing my mother and hubby could have done!

We had a good day,even though it was long and tiring and alot of walking and driving.I’m going to bed now! I ache all over!

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