Missing The City.

 I miss the city. I cried when I left 9 YRS ago and I have missed it every day since and wish I could move back but we can’t afford to live there now. I miss the life I used to have there and I miss the person I was there. I miss the vibrant sights,and sounds of it. I miss the multiculturalism and diversity. I miss the wide variety of ethnic foods and festivals. I miss the shopping. I miss the opera, the ballet, the theatre(the plays, the symphony, the musicals) the art galleries, the museums, I miss my friends, I miss Centre Island.I miss the happy memories I had there and of growing up there.I miss walking down Yonge Street.I miss China Town,Greek Town and Little India. I miss St. Lawrence Market. I miss the restaurants.I miss the trendy boutiques.

I miss my old life.


As well, the 14 YR old had another nose bleed as he was drying off in the shower and I hope it doesn’t mean his platelets are low and the leukemia’s returned(he sees the oncologist in Oct. for his annual check up) although he DOES also have a weak blood vessel in his nose so hopefully it’s just that but it always makes me worry, the 11 YR old got this “watermelon” scented perfume that smells like my “Off!” bugspray(but maybe it’ll keep the mosquitoes away?) my mother’s taking full  advantage of her sore back thing and still lays around all the time doing absolutely nothing  and conveniently still  lets me do all the work (cooking, dishes, laundry,etc.)and once it’s all “safely” been done for the day she “miraculously” recovers and is up and about ,only to be back laying around again all the next day,the kids marvelled at the “Blue” moon last night(which actually looked more orange) and our travel agent refuses to tell any of her clients WHY she’s taken a leave from work making me wonder if it’s something she finds “shameful”, like if it’s something with a “stigma” attached to it, like perhaps she has AIDS or a mental illness, such as bi-polar or schizophrenia, had a mental breakdown, or perhaps even a failed suicide attempt or something? Either way, I am thinking of and praying for her.

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