My Best Friend.

 I like to see St.Therese as my best friend. She is not only my fave. Saint but she has interceded for me many times and we have many similarities in life, mainly with depression,periods of darkness, and not being like other people and feeling like not fitting in. She is also called “The Little Flower” and when she was dying she promised to send down a “shower of roses from Heaven” and we are told if we pray for her intercession that she will answer our prayer with the sign of a rose and many times( too many to count) over the years she has answered my prayers and sent me roses (in various forms and from various sources) as reassurances. Sometimes following a prayer(and it’s usually that same day or the day after) it can be a rose I see online(on Facebook for example or on a blog or website), on the news on TV, on in  an ad, in the newspaper, on a TV commercial or in a TV show or in a movie, other times my hubby has bought me roses right at that time unexpectedly, one time I even received a St.Therese Rosary with roses on it in the mail that I didn’t even order(that one was a really cool answer to prayer!) other times it has been in the form of roses on the altar at church,seeing a rose pattern on someone’s dress,etc. It has always amazed me the love St. Therese has, that she has always answered my prayers(and so quickly as she knows how anxious and nervous I am) and sent me these loving reassurances that everything will be ok. A typical request would go like this,”If my son’s cancer hasn’t returned please send me a rose as a sign….”and she has never been wrong.

Another neat thing concerning St.Therese is that for the past few weeks in church that in the front of the church at the entrance there have been free gifts of her appearing for people to take: free prayer cards, necklaces, magnets,books,etc.and for me they are like little reminders and mementos of my friend,that she is there, thinking of me and watching over me, and this is very comforting and reassuring.I aim to make it to Heaven and one of my goals there is I’m eager to finally meet St. Therese in person. I want to thank her for her love ,her protection,her friendship and her intercession. I see her as a dear friend and confidant and when I feel truly and utterly alone I feel she is still there watching over me and cares for me and I have a dear friend waiting for me in Heaven.I am as eager to see her as I am to be reunited with my dead relatives!

Speaking of Heaven, I read another account of someone who died and was brought back to life and he said in Heaven the streets were paved in gold , that when you pulled out blades of grass new ones immediately grew in their place because nothing dies and that he saw huge trees with leaves clear like crystal, that they looked like chandeliers. He also said that sounds and colours were more brighter and more vivid there than they are on earth and that it’s just so breathtaking and spectacular. It sounds so amazingly wonderful I can hardly wait to get there….and to meet St. Therese!