“Ketchup” Post.

 Catching up on our recent happenings lately:

Remember the bald “Bratz” doll I had to order from USA in June and paid 50$ for because they weren’t available here….well, now they’re in stores here for only 20$…doesn’t it figure….just MY “luck”, but usually when I wait I end up missing out on things,the 9 YR old made up, “I lift my soul  to the Lord and I lift my butt  to the world” (so it can kiss it) I think was very clever, I decorated the house for fall, incl. scarecrows, leaf garland and fall wreaths and a lady walked by the front of the house and saw a scarecrow up on the balcony and gasped,”Oh, my God! I thought it was one of the KIDS hanging there at first! I need a new pair of glasses!!”  The other day the puppy next door was really sick as well(vomiting, diarrhrea, lethargic, kept falling over,and wouldn’t eat or drink anything) and they thought it had Parvo virus and was going to die but then luckily the next day it was getting better; starting to eat and drink a bit and back to running around, and as for wanting a Chihuahua again just like with anything else I hand it over to God and leave it with Him and if it’s meant to be  it’ll work itself out and somehow we’ll be able to “convince” my mother and hubby….and if not then somehow I’ll be able to accept that it’s for the best …..

As well, my hubby was downloading something so I couldn’t use the computer(everything was really slow loading and then it kept saying “website not found” for every site I went to) as whatever HE wants always comes first, and then he sneered I ‘act like a 2 YR year old” when I got mad and was yelling in anger, hating having to start my day off like that, even though I’M always the one disrupted, put out and coming last yet I’m NOT even allowed to GET mad or express anger,and when I DO he calls me names and puts me down for how I feel! He snorts I’m “always in a state of perpetual anger”, well, no shit; what does he expect when I’m always being treated like shit and I’m just expected to accept it? It hasn’t ever occurred to him(or to my mother) that the REASON I’m always so angry, negative, pessimistic,and yelling is because I’m hurt,miserable, depresssed, unhappy,traumatized,and tired of always being shit on all the time? I also told him since he’s always being such a turd that he should just go outside and lay in the grass!  I wish I’d never met him.I should have walked as far away from him as possible when I met him and never have settled for such an utter and complete twat that treats me like crap. I’d RATHER be alone than with an asshole like that! How can I possibly be so unhappy and still be alive?

It annoys me too how the US election coverage on the news is even more than our OWN election coverage(who the hell even CARES? Just tell us who wins as their President in November and that’s good enough; we don’t need to know every single little detail; I mean, it’s not even OUR election!) and what is it with Mitt Romney anyway? What the hell kind of name is “Mitt?” Does he have a brother named “Glove” or a sister named “Scarf?” Unless it’s a short-form for “Mitchell” or “Mitchum” or something, and I was angry and dismayed as well to read in a Catholic book I was reading they said that ONLY Catholics will go to Heaven and that Jews and all other religions will burn in hellfire as well as pagans(I can just  see that atheists and Satanists will being that they totally go against God and outright reject Him) and they called Hindus and Muslims “false religions” and “idol worshippers” as well even though they worship the same God that we do, just differently and have different Names for Him. How hateful and racist. I couldn’t believe I was reading that and it really made my blood boil and makes me ashamed to be Catholic. No wonder people are leaving the Church in droves. I don’t believe that only Catholics go to Heaven at the exclusion of all other faiths, I just don’t. I think that all good righteous God-conscious people will go and that there’s not just ONE true religion.

There are also lots of really scared, worried, nervous, anxious kids today(I can feel the nervous energy in the air!) dreading back to school tomorrow, and I can STILL remember how scared *I* was on the first day back to school every year(I was so nervous I was nauseated to my stomach)worrying if I would get the mean teachers or have the bullies in my classes again, and I STILL have nightmares about those days even now, but luckily my kids, being homeschooled, are spared that and don’t feel that way,and, in fact, even LIKE school and look forward to it and have even started working on their lessons early , a week ahead! We are so blessed that we are able to give them the gift of homeschooling(and their Public schooled friends are jealous and said they wish that they were homeschooled too), as I swore I would never send them to the horrors,violence, bad influence,  indoctrination and State brainwashing of Public school, and never put them thru what I went thru with all the bullying!