Back To School!

 Yesterday we officially went back to school(and our first day back was ok although I caught the 5 YR trying to cheat by peeking at the answers at the back of his book) although the kids started their lessons a week ahead as they were eager and excited(so it wasn’t really their first day ) but I resumed teaching homeschooling yesterday. We also had a huge storm and it rained all day, torrential rain, 80 mm (the basement got flooded again) and our pool even overflowed and the radio DJ said it was the tears of all the kids sad going back to school! It also said on the news at  a Toronto-area highschool a kid got stabbed just 2 HRS into the new school YR(another reason we’re glad we homeschool!) and I remember going to school in Toronto we only went for half-days the first 2 days but here in “Bumble-F*ck” they go ALL day! Just my luck as well: just as soon as the TV news(the only thing I watch all day) came on the satellite went off; doesn’t it figure? I also heard that this province is the highest for university tuition in the entire country and it has increased 71% over the past 3 YRS thanks to the stupid Liberals.They suck!

I think my pills are working as well; it’s been 3-4 weeks and I always get a sore stiff neck with my headaches but for 2 days I’ve only had the sore stiff neck but NOT the headaches that go with them, but I still have the  high BP; it was 141/ 88 which is on the lower end for me(my average is around 165/120 or higher) but still considered to be high, the neighbour told me her puppy DOES have Parvo virus afterall; she took it to the vet and it’s on antibiotics but now it’s just wait-and-see if it survives or not,but it has a 91% death rate so the odds aren’t good although I DID have a friend who had a puppy that survived it,and we’re trying to book my mother’s flight to Miami  in November and they said it’s 585$ (when last time we went it was only around 300$ or so 2 YRS ago and it’s only a 3 HR flight) and we went to Europe for that cost which was an 8 HR flight…..they’re trying to rip us off so we’re looking around elsewhere, and it really pisses me off how anti-immigration so many people are and really it gets right down to this: unless you are Native Indian then you also originate from immigrants, and because I don’t approve of the freakish all-black  Goth/Punk/vampire way my 16 YR old dresses my hubby snarks,”No WONDER she doesn’t want to be anywhere NEAR you!”….so it’s ok for HER to be weird and a freak , but NOT for ME to SAY anything about it? Once again, I’m NOT “allowed” to have a voice or an opinion,to criticize anything, and what I think or say doesn’t matter or count and is always dismissed and discounted.Then they wonder why I hate this family and want out.