No Hockey! Hallelujah!!

 I am just SOOOOOO rejoicing glad and happy beyond description and words; it looks like there will NO hockey season at all this year! I heard on the news the players weren’t able to reach a salary agreement or whatever(blah,blah,blah, I really don’t care) but the important thing is they were locked out or went on strike(I really couldn’t care less) and at the least the season will be late starting and many games will be lost and hopefully(and it seems this will be the most likely from what they’re saying,and I sure hope so) the entire season will be lost and there will be NO HOCKEY at ALL this YR! Yay! I am so GLAD! For once  this redneck crap won’t be taking over the TV all the time, hijacking the news and pre-empting all my regular TV shows! I am always so sick of it every YR and it will be great to NOT have it for an entire year; it’s a dream come true for me and will be my early Christmas present! It happened a few years ago and it was wonderful! My hubby’s upset but my mother and I are overjoyed naturally! All the trailer trash are upset but too bad; the rest of us are happy and we won’t be missing our shows and now they know how WE always feel having to miss our stuff for their loser garbage! Now it’s their turn to miss out for once!

It’s also stupid how they’re going on and on what a “great loss” it is and how upset people are, etc. I mean, get OVER it; it’s a stupid SPORT for Pete’s sake; it’s meaningless;  not everyone cares,and life goes on and you have better things to do with your time than to watch a bunch of yahoos playing hockey, seriously, people! You really can survive without it; I’ve survived my entire LIFE without it, it’s no big deal,it’s not necessary for your “cultural” identity, and there’s much more important things going on in the world that take priority and need our attention, and they said it will affect other things as well, such as bars losing business and money which is a good as well; bars are bad, so them losing business is a good thing as well; an added bonus,double the good to have come out of it! I just wish the loser football would go on strike and be cancelled WITH it too; for the past 3 weeks I miss my TV news on Sundays because of THAT useless crap! I’m so glad there won’t be any redneck hockey this YR; I was hoping and praying there wouldn’t be; not everyone’s upset over this; good riddance!!

Now I will do my Dance Of Joy.

As well, my mother is still waiting for her new passport and it’s been 3 weeks since she sent in her re-newal and they say it takes 2 weeks(although my last one took 4 weeks) but the mailman told her it’s been taking 4-6 weeks lately and now she’s shitting bricks and getting really worried as she needs it before she can book the airline tickets for her trip and she leaves in just 7 weeks so it’s really cutting it close, my hubby’s brother and his wife post things on Facebook about alcohol and drugs and then he wonders why I don’t want the kids to have anything to do with them even though they’re a bad influence, and the 5 YR old continues to be holy awful and yesterday alone he tried to shut the door on the 11 YR old’s head, tricked the 13 YR old pretending he was going to hug her and when she got close to him he bit her arm really hard and now it has a huge bruise and bite mark on it,and slammed the 9 YR old’s mouth hard on the chair and split her lip open bleeding,swollen, and bruised. I really think he’s “not right” in the head yet my mother and hubby refuse to see it and say I just “over-react”, and my mother said if that public school phones us again(I worry someone reported our homeschooling) she’ll answer it and see who they’re asking for and if it IS us(and not just a wrong number like she suspects) she’ll just tell them they have the wrong number and say she’s a senior and that her kids are all grown up so that they’ll stop calling….