I heard the stupid Politically Correct morons are now trying to re-write traditional  Christmas stories removing Santa’s smoking a pipe as kids might start smoking pipes to imitate him and worry that he might die of lung cancer because he smokes. I think this is just ridiculous; he’s an old man that smokes a pipe(like my uncle was) that’s the tradition; why do those Politically Correct morons have to go and ruin it for? What next, will they say it’s unhealthy for him to be fat(and say he’ll develop diabetes)  and put him on a diet and make him thin now,too? Where does it end?

Here is a list of other things I think are incredibly stupid as well:

Political Correctness: why re-name things and change everything,stifling freedom of speech and expression, and always be walking on eggshells all the time for fear of offending people? People are too sensitive and need to just get over it.Say it like it is and if you’re offended too bad.

The word “homophobia.” The word “phobia” in the proper context means to have a fear of something(such as “germophobia” means fear of germs, and so on) and so  “homophobia” should mean one who is afraid of homosexuals and homosexuality but instead they use it to incorrectly describe anyone who simply doesn’t agree with homosexuality and they use it in a bigoted  and hateful way to slander anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

When I go on a diet I’ve actually GAINED weight!

Clothing and accessories for dogs.

Treating animals like(and in many cases better than) people.

Dogs love to stick their heads out of car windows and feel the breeze on their faces yet they hate it when you blow on their faces.

Paying 699$ and up for the new iPhone 5,proving people have more money than brains.

Camping out overnight to be the first in line to purchase concert tickets, meet the Queen, buy a new product, get the latest gadget,etc.

That we have to pay for our garbage pick up twice here; first thru our taxes and then 2$ per bag on the tags we have to affix on each bag of garbage we put out on the curb for pick up.

Going to a restaurant and paying a small fortune for the same food you could  just as easily make at home for a fraction of the cost yourself.

Animals have more rights and legal protection than people, for example it’s legal(although still morally wrong) to abort a baby but illegal to abuse an animal.

Here if you’re caught drinking and driving you just lose your license for 24 HRS. In other countries they’re smarter: you go to jail 5-10 YRS.

Banning plastic bags due to pressure from the Enviro-Nazis.

Regular TV shows always being pre-empted for redneck sports.

Getting a longer jail sentence for killing an animal than killing a person: I read in the news a guy got 10 YRS in jail for killing a raccoon but another guy only got 5 YRS for manslaughter for killing a person.

Taxi meters are already  running and you have to pay like 5$ before you even get in the cab!

Schools are allowed to teach about gay sex but NOT about God or religion.

You have to check-in the airport 3 HRS before your flight. Why always so frickin’ EARLY? Who really wants to spend 3 HRS ahead of time in the airport? Do we REALLY have to get there THAT early?

The gov’t’s trying to ban smoking but not alcohol when it’s society’s biggest ill.

Schools DO allow Hallowe’en parties(which glorify Satan and the demons) but ban Christmas parties(which honour God.)

Christians that celebrate Hallowe’en when the Bible clearly states we are to avoid everything to do with the occult.

Learning calculus in highschool when it’s pretty much useless and you’re never going to even use in the real world unless you end up becoming a math professor.