“Breaking Amish” Update.

 On the recent episode of “Breaking Amish” the group dressed in modern clothes and Jeremiah told Abe he was hopeless and a “nerd” , Kate and Rebecca tried modelling but were uncomfortable having to wear revealing bikinis and it was sad when Rebecca was rejected, the group tried sushi except for Jeremiah who wisely abstained( I can understand why; I hate fish, too!Yuck!) and Jeremiah tried driving a car and got a tattoo which to me didn’t look new and fresh; it wasn’t red, raised, scabbed, and bleeding, and the rumor is that he came to the show already with tattoos so my theory is that it was an old one that he just had re-touched for the benefit of the show  and he had names of 3 “special people” inked on (it looked like one of them was “Tamika” if I wasn’t mistaken) and I think it’s the name of his 3 kids) and Rebecca’s grandfather and Abe’s mother also came to visit them but it looks “fishy” to me and another indication I think the show is “fake” (fake in the way that they didn’t just recently leave the Amish community like they want you to believe but rather left some 10 YRS or more ago and now are just re-enacting it) as I think it’s highly unlikely that real Amish would travel to the city, let alone allow themselves to be filmed, and esp. now to re-create it years later for a TV show so I think in this case they hired actors to play the parts of their relatives,yet another deception.

Another way they were being deceptive as well: Abe asked Rebecca out on a date,leading the audience to believe it was to be their first when in reality  they have been together for years and  actually have a child together! I also saw a photo on  a Facebook page (exposing the fallacy of the show) of Rebecca at a pool party wearing a bikini and it was dated 2010 a full 2 YRS before the show aired,showing she was away from the Amish well before that time(it also has a photo of her and Abe with their baby), and I noticed that  Jeremiah really swears alot, something he wouldn’t be doing if he’d just left the Amish as  they don’t talk like that and he’d have to be assimilated in the “English” world for some time to have picked that up, and for them to have lost their accents and be so fluent in English as well since their first language is Deitsch, also commonly known as “Pennsylvania Dutch”, a dialect of German, as the Amish originated in Switzerland.This shows that they haven’t just recently left their community and I also noticed in an earlier episode where the “Bishop’s wife” was shown circling around on a scooter in the background eyeing Jeremiah like a hawk that she looked remarkably like Kate….just another of those things that make you go “Hmmmmm….” esp. now knowing that things are really not as they seem….

I still enjoy watching the show, but I have to admit the ending won’t be the same now that I know how it will end; that they won’t go back, and have been out for so many years now,and it’s disappointing that they are tricking the audience the way they are, and how they’re trying to make the characters out to be more “innocent” and naive than they really are, but on the other hand, knowing that so many things ARE staged it’s also fun trying to spot the “bloopers!” 🙂