The Nest.

 Cleaning out the kitchen cupboards we got a big ‘ol surprise: 5 newborn baby mice tumbled out of the cereal box! There was a hole chewed thru the bottom, some kind of fluffy stuffing in there and 5 little grey baby mice, I estimate about to be  a week old as they didn’t have any hair yet and their eyes were still closed. There was no sign of a mother, so I think she might have been one of the 3 mice we caught in the traps in the kitchen cupboard(we got 1 brown one and 2 grey ones, one still alive and wiggling!) esp. as the other day when the 13 YR old went to get the cereal a mouse DID jump out of the box but not today and a mother wouldn’t leave her babies. I showed them to the kids who were fascinated(a science lesson in action!) and took photos and then I put them outside under a bush, despite the 9 YR old’s pleas,”Please, can we keep them as pets?” “Don’t kill them!” I didn’t kill  them, but I know the inevitable will happen; without  a mother they’ll starve to death anyway and will either freeze to death outside overnight or get eaten by a cat or a raccoon and I feel badly about it but what am I going to do? Just so ya know, those little brown things in the cereal box aren’t raisins, either….yeeeecccchhhh!!

We also got our new upright freezer delivered and just when I think the dumb-ass hicks in this shitty town can’t possibly get any dumber they somehow always manage to out-dumb themselves( I swear, this town should be called “Dumbville!”) now you’d THINK they’d back up the delivery truck into the driveway and just carry the freezer into the side door down into the basement, but, oh, no, instead they parked all the way in front of the house and carried it(yes, carried it; they never even used a dolly,either) all the way down the driveway,and then couldn’t figure out how to get it around the corner either and were about to give up and my hubby had to instruct them how to do it! The longer I live here the more I’m  completely convinced that people here are just plain DUMB!! I doubt most of them even graduate highschool,seriously! This town sucks so much as well that the grocery stores didn’t even have any bananas, grape juice, or potatoes! I mean what grocery store doesn’t have bananas, grape juice, or potatoes? What IS this, anyway, a Third World country? It’s not like these are exotic foods we’re talking about here’ they’re basic staples! Duh! The sooner I can get out of this godforsaken place, the better!!

Speaking of suckage, I heard on the news the Toronto school board is considering implementing an all-gay highschool, with all gay students, all-gay staff,and with an all gay-based curriculum,promoting sin once again, and they have an obscene pornographic sex ed website up(it’s so obscene that it had to be censored on the TV news!) for curriculum ideas for their teachers and as a guide for their students as well with deviant and perverted ideas such as fondling eachother in front of a mirror,  three-way sex,shoving vegetables up your arse and other disgusting revolting things so naturally there’s this huge outcry,backlash and protest and once again I’m soooo grateful we homeschool(it just keeps on getting worse and worse all the time!)  and it’s bad enough highschools offer birth control too but now they’re also going to be handing out the Morning After Pill as well, so students(without knowledge of their parents, of course) can kill their babies thru chemical abortion now,too.It also mentioned on the news how the PM now snubs the UN and refuses to attend ever since Canada’s bid to the Security Council was rejected(talk about being a suck) and the Canadian delegation rudely walked out when the Iranian president was giving his speech as well,and it took American inspectors across the border to notice that beef was contaminated with E-Coli and rejected it at the border(it passed inspection here; it never got noticed) and then they informed the authorities here and even then it STILL took a whole 2 WEEKS before they informed the public and recalled it here so we were eating infected food the entire time, unaware(makes me glad to be a vegetarian!). Canada SUCKS!

Our diningroom chairs are in need of desperate repair as well; part of the wood is cracking and breaking ,they wiggle,creak and are loose,and the fabric is wearing apart and the seat cushion part has holes.We’ve had them for 19 YRS and they’re used every day, not only do the kids sit there to do their school work, but they also use it to sit and draw, colour, and do their artwork and crafts and we eat there on holidays and Babushka bought the diningroom set for us(and she’s dead now) so it’s sentimental to me and I don’t want to just  throw the chairs out and replace them buying new ones; I want  them to match the cherry wood we have and to see if I can get them re-upholstered instead, so that way they can be fixed and perhaps I can even select an embroidered tapestry fabric that matches the new sofa. I’ve also been waiting 3 YEARS for my hubby to insulate my bedroom window and he never did (anything for me is always last on his list of priorities)and so it was a nice surprise(and it touched my heart!) to see my 14 YR old did it for me(and he did a really good job,too!) and I hate always being last in life and feeling like I’ll never catch up,and in the mid-to-late 80’s I thought at the time I was lonely and bored when in actual fact it was a happy time compared to now; I had Yuri(my black Chihuahua) and I didn’t have any stress, fear, worry,or trauma in my life, and little did I know that was as good as it gets and  it would soon end , the worst was soon to come , the best part of my life was ending and the worst was about to begin….