The 16 YR old has always been gifted in piano. I knew she was first gifted as when the oldest was taking piano lessons she just started playing it on her own, without having taken lessons, so we enrolled her in lessons of her own and she quickly advanced, skipping YRS ahead and she is now in grade 10 piano(you can teach from grade 8). She also plays with a bunch of musicians (guitars and singers) at the Sunday evening Mass at church, but after the summer break when the others went back they “forgot” to let her know when it resumed again  and I don’t think it was an oversight. I have my suspicions that due to the fact that she keeps on getting,looking,and acting  weirder and weirder all the time(dresses in all black like Punk/Goth and wears spikes, chains, studs, dog collars, has spiky neon pink/ brilliant bright red hair,etc) that they don’t want her back. When my hubby mentioned about it they said they’d “lost” her phone number and weren’t able to let her know when they’d resumed. So then he’d just drop her off anyway even though she wasn’t invited, whether they wanted her there or not, and then when they’d changed times they failed to let her know as well, and when he’d asked them about that they’d claimed they’d sent her an e-mail but that her e-mail address was “returned as ‘undeliverable'” which it wasn’t; it’s a valid e-mail address and the one she uses all the time and still uses. I think it sounds fishy and just an excuse. I just think they don’t want her there anymore; that it’s not am image they want to portray but don’t want to say so.I said she  should take a hint  and  stop going.

My hubby doesn’t want to see, or accept it and thinks I’m “over-reacting”(that’s his excuse for everything) and my mother sniffed if they don’t want her there that “She shouldn’t even go to Mass at all then” and that”she has ‘better’ things to do than to go to church anyway” and “it’s better she goes as she is than not at all” and I told her,”No, she should dress appropriately” and she says they’re “mean” and I said,”They’re not ‘mean’; they’re just not comfortable with it and it’s not working out; it’s just not a good fit!” Now I could see once maybe they’d lose her number, but TWICE; about the e-mail,TOO? I don’t  really think so and she has to understand that the way she dresses and looks reflects how other people see her and that they will react accordingly and some will have an issue with it.She looks like a vampire and that’s not the image the church musicians want to portray.

As well, the homeschooling picnic was cancelled(and the kids were so excited); they got there and no one was there and of course no one even  bothered to tell us and this ALWAYS happens; people here are SO unreliable and irresponsible and always cancel everything,and we ran out of hot water again(it happens all the time,too) I REALLY hate it here; I hate this town and I hate this house and I have to get OUT of here and can’t WAIT until I can finally leave; people here SUCK!  Another baby mouse died as well(we now have 3 left but another one feels cold and is laying on it’s side so I expect it won’t be alive for much longer,either) and I expect them all to eventually die one by one but at least I can say I tried, and the van  needed new brakes(they “wore out”) and that cost 500$ and my hubby refuses to get the diningroom chairs re-upholstered as it’s just something important to me and anything I want doesn’t matter and isn’t important and isn’t worth the cost, effort, time,or bother(he even said,”If you want it done, pay for it yourself!”) even though the KIDS use the chairs every day to do their schoolwork and pretty soon they’ll be broken beyond repair and they’ll be sitting on the FLOOR, and  I hate it as well how something for HIM always comes first and it was such a hassle to get him to take the kids to get new shoes(their others were too small) and to get water jugs for the water cooler(they were all empty and we had no water)that we all use ; he complained he “has no time”, as it interfered with stuff HE wanted to do; his exercising, going to squash and playing cards.Him, what he wants, his redneck hobbies and interests, and his loser family  always come first, then the kids if he has any time left, and lastly me, always last on his list of priorities,a hated chore,a mere afterthought, like shit scraped off the bottom of your shoe.