Hurricane Sandy.

 Hurricane Sandy is the Storm Of The Century and no one has seen anything like it; the sheer size of it (it can even be seen from the Space Station!) the wide area of destruction, the length of it, the severity of it, and combined with a N’oreaster it ended up being a Super Storm  of a magnitude unheard of,and it’s still going on! It began in the Caribbean about a week ago and caused a path of destruction there and many deaths(I believe some 60 or so) and then headed up the east coast of USA and Canada, hitting New York and New Jersey the worst, and they weren’t over reacting when they warned people to prepare, to stock up on emergency items and to evacuate; it WAS as bad as they had expected! It flooded the NYC subway system and it will be down for days, 7 million people are without electricity and may even take up to 10 days to restore, mainly lower Manhattan was hit the hardest, mainly due to high winds and flooding, walls of buildings were sheared right off, 50 people died, and 80 homes were destroyed due to fires in Queens. In New Jersey the gambling mecca Atlantic City area was particularly hit hard and I can’t help but wonder if it was being chastizied for the sin of gambling? Even here in Ontario we had 100 KM winds and torrential rain ( 50 mm or so) and 150 000 without power across the province, 60 000 in Toronto alone, and trees were down and smashed thru people’s roofs and onto their cars, and a woman was killed when a flying sign fell down and hit her in the head! Where we are we had the bad winds and rain and our power went out but not as bad as Toronto and nowhere near as catastrophic as NY and NJ!

The Bible verses about increased natural disasters and unusual weather patterns(there was also a 7.7 magnitude earthquake on BC too) come to mind here as well; signs that we’re indeed in the Last Days before God proclaims Judgement upon the Earth and punishes sinners, and I wonder if these disasters ARE indeed a warning from God; to turn away from sin(and punishment FOR sin) such as the sin of idolatry; the sins of materialism, worshipping money instead of God, and for the sins of abortion and contraception, the occult, and in Canada’s case for legalizing same-sex “marriage?” Could they be signs to turn back to God before it’s too late? I also wonder how it might affect the upcoming US election next week; I mean, with people rebuilding their shattered homes and lives following such destruction I’d think voting would be the last thing on their minds right now when they’re just trying to survive, and my mother and 16 YR old leave for their Caribbean cruise on the weekend as well so will they even  be able to get a flight out ok; will the flights(many of which are now still  cancelled) be up and running again by then? They’re just glad they have a direct flight to Miami(where they get the ship) and not making any connections as it would have been most likely in NYC or New Jersey!


As well, it turned out my hubby was just “joking” about taking the kids out for Hallowe’en; he just said it to get me riled up and to watch me get mad, as it’s “fun to watch me freak out”,but, I mean, what kind of person purposely LIKES to get someone upset? He’s just a “shit-disturber” and it’s just plain cruel! I also wish I could just fast-forward today( being the Devil’s day) and skip over it and avoid it completely and just go straight thru to tomorrow( “All-Saint’s Day”, a holy day to counter-act the evil from today).I can’t wait until today is over and then I won’t have to see or hear about it again for another YR!

“Breaking Amish” Episode # 8.

 This week on “Breaking Amish” everyone returned home and they felt like they didn’t belong and were nervous to face their families as they knew they’d be shunned. It was Kate’s first flight and she was nervous but she ended up enjoying it, Jeremiah said leaving home was the hardest decision he’s ever had to make and knows when he goes back his family won’t talk to him and will be  negative but that he also has to do what’s best for him,and  when he met his girlfriend she slammed the door in his face and he mused if Jesus could eat with sinners why can’t the Amish be forgiving if they’re supposed to be Christ-like and  Kate’s friends walked away from her as she approached them as she wasn’t dressed Amish and it made them uncomfortable and she said it hurt as she had grown up with them and she wants to persue modelling and was afraid to tell her parents as she knows they’ll be upset and they wouldn’t allow themselves to be filmed and they didn’t want to see her and wanted nothing to do with her and her family shunned her and wouldn’t talk to her and said she’ll go to Hell unless she returns Amish and if she keeps up her “English” lifestyle.

When Abe went back home he told him family he decided he wasn’t going to be Amish anymore and was asked why he was wearing modern clothing, he was nervous to face his mother and brother and chose Rebecca over the Amish and over his family and was told to show respect and wasn’t allowed to eat at the same table as them and was segregated to eat alone at a smaller table by himself as he was shunned and they refused to talk to him which hurt his feelings and his family also ordered the film crew to leave. Sabrina returned home in modern dress as well and didn’t know what to expect and when Rebecca returned home to meet her friends they ran away from her as well as she was dressed modern and no one was home at her house and the house was empty and all her stuff was gone; they had moved and no one had told her they’d left! She’d phoned a friend to find out what happened and she was told her grandparents had moved and now she’d lost everything; her family, her house,and her friends,so she called Abe, who came over to console her as they’re both alone and only have eachother now,and decided to get married and move to Lancaster.

Kate returned to NYC to model and went to the modelling agency and had 2 castings on the first day and she had a scabbed elbow from a biking accident and they were critical of it as she was “damaged goods” and compared her to a piece of bruised produce at the grocery store,and she moved into an apt. with other models and was told that 80% of the models don’t make it,and Abe and Rebecca met with a wedding planner and were dismayed to learn the cost of an average wedding costs 25 000 $ which is way out of their price range,and they discussed Amish-style weddings which they wanted mainly to have the Amish style meals and Rebecca tried on wedding gowns as well with Sabrina and said it made her look and feel like a princess, and she asked Sabrina if she’d be her maid of honour and she accepted and Sabrina mentioned her own wedding in 2009 but said that it didn’t work out and didn’t last long.(This is the first they’d mentioned about her being married, and Jeremiah mentioned a couple of times about his being married before too so maybe bit by bit the truth is starting to emerge about their pasts and perhaps soon they’ll mention about Abe and Rebecca’s baby as well?) and Abe  phoned Jeremiah as well and asked him to be the best man and he seemed surprised but agreed and said it was an honour and that he’d help him out any way he can.

Kate went to her modelling castings as well and got measured and had photos taken and was told by the photographer she had nice eyes  but was also advised to lose 5 pounds, and when Jeremiah went back home to visit his family he said he can’t stay and isn’t staying Amish but that he at least owed his parents respect and to tell them face to face and off camera. When his mother saw him approaching she shut the door and refused to talk to him  and his dad wasn’t happy but at the same time understood his need to do what makes him happy and what’s best for him,and he hopes to be with Sabrina. In the next episode, the finale, they go to Atlantic City and continue to sin even more by gambling and throw an engagement party for Abe and Rebecca and in the preview it showed Rebecca getting mad at them so I guess Kate and Sabrina must have gotten drunk again and pissed her off and it appeared that Sabrina has a new guy and Jeremiah feels she lead him on and deceived him…..


As well, Hurricane Sandy is even set to hit us here in Canada and we have weather warnings and have been advised to stock up on emergency supplies and to expect power outages, 100 KM/HR-plus winds, torrential rain and possible floods, and just in case I brought the chairs, hanging plants, garbage cans, etc. from the veranda indoors. Right now it’s 50 KM/HR wind and really raining but it’s just begun and they say the worst of it’s to come overnight and later today,so if you don’t hear from me in awhile, or if I don’t have a post up tomorrow you’ll know why! Stay safe everyone! This is one big bad motherf*cker and they haven’t seen anything like it!

Godless Heathen!

 I don’t think I’ve ever been madder at my hubby or hated him more than I am and do now! He knows how I feel about evil Hallowe’en, how I avoid it due to it’s occult nature (as does our kids church youth group,and they even gave a speech to the kids on why it glorifies Satan and the demons and why they shouldn’t celebrate it,and it was the same with our homeschooling group as well) yet he continues to hassle me about it, even going as far as to threaten to take the kids out trick-or -treating on Hallowe’en to spite me; letting the kids get dressed up and get candy, but OVER MY DEAD BODY!! There’s no way in hell I’m letting them go! I’m trying my best to raise the kids godly, to have them avoid the occult and stay unstained from the world and it’s bad enough he’s already trying to turn them into white trash rednecks like he is but he’s NOT turning them away from God and to the occult! I don’t care WHAT I have to do; there’s no way they’re taking part in celebrating ANY of it and I’m so sick of always being dismissed, over-ruled, and undermined and he always sabotages me at every turn! He’s a godless heathen that never did care about what God wants but the religious upbringing of my kids is my entire life and I dedicate myself to it and there’s no way I’m letting him interfere or ruin it and they’re MY kids too and I DO have some say and they’re NOT participating in evil!

His excuse is it’s just “harmless fun” and it’s “stupid” I “let them dress up on other days but not on Hallowe’en” but we’re told in the Bible to avoid everything to do with the occult,and it’s not “harmless fun”; that’s what Satan wants us to think; he’s very clever and crafty that way; he disguises evil and makes it LOOK harmless, fun,and enticing; that’s how he sucks you in,and once you open the “door” even a crack to the dark side, it makes it easier for the demons to take hold of your life. It’s like if you dress up a pig in fine jewellery and clothing underneath it’s still a pig; you can dress up evil and make it look fun and innocent but underneath it’s still evil; it still doesn’t change what it really is. It works the same way with other sins as well such as illicit sex, alcohol,drugs,gambling,etc .The rest of the world does it, it looks like “fun”, you have a good time,party, etc. but really it’s harmful to you,separates you from God, endangers your eternal soul, makes it less likely you’ll make it to Heaven, and is best left alone. It’s the same with the occult,and once you start a little it graduates to more and more. It’s best to avoid it completely.

My hubby has done many,many things to betray my trust and faith in him but if he does this then this will be the worst. If I was able to survive on my own(if I didn’t have the limits of Asperger’s) I would leave him right now,move out, and file for divorce. This would be the last straw.That’s how seriously I take this , how much it means to me and how strongly I feel about it.This would be the ultimate unforgivable betrayal. I raise my kids the way God wants and don’t follow the world and certainly won’t allow them to do anything with any occult undertones and will defend it with my life. If he forces the kids to partake in occult Hallowe’en(even though they told me they also refuse to have anything to do with it; they know it’s evil,too) it will push me over the edge and who knows what I’ll do.I’ll die first before I’ll let them have anything to do with it. I swear, meeting him was the worst thing to happen to me and my biggest regret; he’s ruined my life and made me miserable. My mother also sneered that everything IS always my fault all the time too,and then they wonder WHY I hate my life and this family, why I feel so trapped and want to leave.

The Diary.

 I remember in 1984 when I was 17 I moved to California and I was  poking around the garage in our house and I found this old diary from a woman who had died and and lived there before. It was from the 1920’s and I began reading it. It was fascinating to read about a person’s life so long ago, some 60 YRS earlier. She wrote of a wealthy woman’s life of leisure, of lounging by the pool, of meeting up with her friends, having tea, going to restaurants to eat, and mentioning the earthquakes she experienced. It was like stepping back into time, a piece of history and I really enjoyed reading it. Ever since 1980(when I was 13) I have kept diaries of my own, faithfully right to this day but sadly this YR’s is my last as no one makes them anymore and I looked everywhere; in stores and even online and they just aren’t available, at least not the traditional ones I’ve been using with individual pages for each day with the dates marked on them and with a lock and key.What I have to do is just buy another sort of journal notebook and put in  my own dates I guess but it saddens me as it sort of feels like an end of an era. I have been keeping diaries as a way to document my life , to remember events both good and bad and as a way to “purge” myself of my emotions and also as a legacy for my kids, to learn of their history and past.

As well, I still haven’t heard back yet about my MRI app’t, our church youth group isn’t having a  Hallowe’en party tonight  and I’m glad, and the leaders even told the kids the evils of it and why they shouldn’t be celebrating it, and I read that the Russian Orthodox Church is trying to ban it in Russia as well due to it’s occult nature and culture of death it promotes  and that it’s only been celebrated there for the past 20 YRS since the fall of the former Soviet Union(it’s a Western holiday that they just recently started) and since 2003 the Moscow district school board has banned their schools from celebrating it and from having Hallowe’en parties….and THEY’RE supposed to be the “atheists?”  Good for them! I think here should take a lesson from them! They should be banning it here too, but instead here they don’t allow schools to have Christmas pageants that honour God but DO allow Hallowe’en parties that celebrate Satan, and the Russians  were better under Soviet rule; not only did they not have the occult influence of the West, but they also had much less crime,too; now it’s practically run by the Mafia and there wasn’t the poverty then like  they have now,either! I was there in 1985 and it was alot different than it is now and I don’t like what’s happened to it!

I was also disgusted to see  photos of my cousin’s 11 YR old daughter from when they were on a cruise(they go twice a YR) and she was wearing high heels and a mini skirt up to her thigh, a strapless mini dress, and a bikini.She looked like a mini hooker to be honest and that’s no way to let your kid dress! I couldn’t believe it! I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up pregnant at 13.Why can’t kids just be KIDS? What kind of person lets their kid dress up like a hooker? I’m disappointed in my cousin.She never used to be like that( she used to be a nerd!) and she was wearing a too- short black lace  slutty dress herself.Maybe she turned into a slut after she left her husband? Bad example…what’s happened to her?