“Breaking Amish” Episode 4.

 In this week’s episode of “Breaking Amish” Sabrina wanted to find out more about her Puerto Rican heritage(she was adopted by Mennonites) and applied for a job at a Puerto Rican restaurant where she met these Puerto Rican girls who kindly  welcomed her with open arms and took her out shopping and to get her hair done. She also met with a private investigator to try and find out about her birth parents.The group also went bowling and Jeremiah, Sabrina and Kate went to sleazy bars and got drunk a few times, much to the disgust of Rebecca again who chose the time to spend with Abe again and they went on their “first” date(which is deceptive when in actual fact they have a child together, but remember that this show is “fake” in the sense that it’s staged and that the group actually left the Amish over 10 YRS ago and are just re-enacting it now for the cameras) to a Chinese restaurant (despite the fact they told the cabbie they wanted a Mexican place)and a walk in Little Italy where they enjoyed musicians and had a Napkin Dance.They also came across a newlywed Muslim couple and Abe remarked how we’re all human beings and that Muslims aren’t all bad like the media portrays them all to be.They were also warned by the couple to avoid the evils of The Village.

Rebecca also got new dentures to replace her previous ones that were uncomfortable and made her bleed and were hard to eat with(she said  she had all her teeth pulled out by an Amish dentist when she was 19),Jeremiah continued with his driving lessons and yelled at a fellow driver like a true New Yorker, and in this episode they were a bit more honest as he admitted he was 32 YRS old(previously they had tried to make the audience think he was in his early 20’s and had just left the Amish) and you could clearly see in this episode that he had pierced ears. The guys went and got haircuts as well, Abe and Rebecca discussed their education and he said he only has about a grade 5 education and she said she went to grade 8 which is typical for the Amish and then they go to work afterwards..The group went to a lively black Gospel church(which is quite different than the serene and quiet church they’re used to where they just sit and listen and isn’t interactive) with lots of singing, dancing and praising the Lord,where they could feel the Spirit and were welcomed and was full of love,they tried out texting on cell phones,something I don’t even do and can’t understand how to do either and I’m not even Amish,and Kate did  stripper-style  pole dancing and continues to drink and get drunk and rowdy and has  increasing erratic mood swings, crying jags, and erratic behaviour the group is concerned about, angered over and is considering to stage an intervention and it makes me wonder if maybe she might even have bi-polar disorder….

I wonder if at the end of the series if the producers will come “clean” and tell us about  the deceptions they have lead us to believe and if in each episode these issues will be dealt with and they will come clean and if more truth will be exposed…