Why We Won’t Do Hallowe’en.

 My hubby’s brother and his  family go all-out and over-the-top decorating for Hallowe’en. They go out of their way decorating their house both inside and out and his brother even has his Facebook profile decorated for it. It just makes me roll my eyes and sigh in disdain. We, on the other hand, completely avoid it. It’s evil and the Devil’s day. It glorifies Satan and the demons and we want no part in it. It is the high holy day for Satanists(and the day they do their human and animal sacrifices) and the holiest day of the year for Druids, pagans and Wiccans. It is also the one day of the year it is believed the “veil” is thinnest between this world and the next and that spirits on the other side can more easily pass thru and be contacted(which, by the way, is cautioned against in the Bible, just so you know; it’s a sin called necromancy, or contacting the dead.) Why do you think the church has a holy day (All Saints Day) just the day right after; to counter-act the evil from the day before. It’s occult and is like celebrating Satan’s birthday. Hallowe’en is for the Devil and Christmas is for God.(Some people may argue that Christmas was once a pagan holiday as well but it has now been  reclaimed for God whereas Hallowe’en is STILL a day for evil)The Bible commands us to avoid EVERYTHING to do with the occult, to not even open the door to the demons one tiny crack,to not let them in,and this not only incl. Hallowe’en but also horoscopes, tarot cards, fortune telling, palm reading, seances, contacting the dead, psychics,crystal balls,Quija boards,voodoo, Harry Potter,etc. It’s not just an innocent day to dress up, hand out candy,have costume parties, etc. Satan is very crafty, sneaky,deceptive and the father of all lies and wants people to THINK that’s all it is when really it’s something much more, much deeper, much more sinister and evil, merely disguised as harmless “fun”, but it’s not. Alot of sin and evil is wrapped up like that, appearing to be innocent and fun, even alluring and enticing, but underneath it’s harmful spiritually and should be avoided at all costs. It’s only the beginning of October and already I’m tired of seeing and hearing about it everywhere I go; I can’t get away from it; I can’t avoid it,and it’s become even more popular than Christmas(and schools are allowed to have Hallowe’en parties to honour Satan and the demons but NOT Christmas parties to honour God) which sadly says alot about today’s society as well.

I can’t wait until it’s all over and it’s November!!


As well, now it’s a more seasonal 13 C but the other day it was a balmy 20 C yet in Kenora they had 32 cm SNOW storm, and there’s flooding in Africa and crocodiles and hippos are being washed into people’s homes and the 9 YR old gleefully exclaimed,”Yay! Free hippos!”(she likes hippos like I do) and my mom’s cough’s so bad her ribs hurt and I wonder if she has bronchitis again like she had back in Feb. that maybe now she’s old every time she has a cough now it turns into bronchitis, some crazy redneck was shooting off fireworks last night and it woke me up(people here are nuts)and earlier in the day something hit our window twice as well and banged  it(did someone throw something at it?) which jarred my nerves and freaked me out,and due to the undue stress I’m under lately  I’ve bitten my nails down to slivers and my cuticles all bleeding  and ragged,and I’m always trembling and shaking my nerves are shot and I’m frazzled but today I had this sudden “wave” of peace and calm wash over me,like reassurance from the Holy Spirit that everything will be ok, and I’m a big fan of homeostasis; I don’t like change and I don’t want to move; I want things to stay as they are and I need security and to feel safe,settled, and it’s honestly not something I can say I’ve felt for the past few years,ever  since our last trauma that shattered my sense of security forever;I need to feel I’ll be ok and I just don’t,and now this and I feel even more vulnerable….