Happy Thanksgiving!

 Today is Thanksgiving but we had our big dinner in the diningroom yesterday and today we have leftovers. For dinner we had 3 turkeys, 3 hams(except for me, I’m a vegetarian) stuffing, potatoes, peas,corn, buns,chocolate crescent rolls and 4 pumpkin pies.(yes, I know, we’re pigs.)I shudder to think this may likely be our last Thanksgiving dinner; next year we might have to go to the mission or the food bank  for a hand- out given our finances! We all took turns saying what we’re thankful for and the 9 YR old wrote a long list of over 60 things! My hubby and the 17 YR old ruined Thanksgiving(as usual; they ruin all the holidays) though; my hubby by eating before Grace, and by eating with his fingers and the 17 YR old by licking his plate and standing on the table. I was disgusted by them being such losers and they refused to leave the table when I told them to so I just left in disgust. Then the kids jeered that’s  how I raised them, but it’s not; if it was then I wouldn’t have scolded them. It’s how my hubby raised them; he’s a low-class uncouth uncultured redneck and encourages it and they copy him.The 16 YR old also refused to come down and  eat dinner with us and stayed up in her room, being snotty and anti-social as always. The 14 YR old was mouthy as well and when I said,”pathetic” he sneered,”YOU taught me!” I seriously am NOT thankful for my family, as awful as it sounds; they give me so much hassle. I wish I could just run away. I wish I never had kids. I didn’t know it would be like this.I hope I don’t live to see my grandchildren either as it would just be like having kids all over again only when I’m old and even less likely to be able to tolerate all their crap.

I wish I had another family. I wish I had another life.

It was also 2 C overnight last night and we have a frost warning for tonight.My mother went to the ER for her cough as well as it kept her awake and it’s hard to breathe.She was there 4 HRS and she does have a fever(not good) but they took 2 X -Rays and they were clear, no bronchitis showed up(unless it’s just  too early to show up yet) but she got a strong cough med with narcotics in it. It sounds like she’s coughing up a lung. I had a dream I died as well and there was this “wall” in front of me I could pass thru and I reached out and touched it and it was fluid, a liquid like water I could put my hand thru and when I was breathing it was like I was breathing under water, and I saw in the news this UN happiness index  listed the happiest 151 countries and naturally this stupid country never made it and no surprise: the impossible high cost of living, being taxed to death,and the increasing Big Brother policies, and the # 1 happiest nation was Costa Rica and Vietnam was 2nd and 7 out of the top 10 were in the Caribbean and Central America(with the exception of Vietnam) and the top G8 country was the UK and Ireland and Australia also made the list.

I’d like to retire in the Caribbean. I’ve been to many of the islands there and I can see why people there would be happy. Living in a little hut along the beach…..sun, sand, relaxing, taking it easy,moving at a slow pace,god how I could use that right now….speaking of travel, my mother still thinks that despite our financial crisis that she can STILL go on her annual cruises even though we’ll be scrounging around soon to find money to buy food! I know God always provides but there’s no way we’ll have any money for travelling anymore!

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