“Faking” Amish Episode # 5.

 On this week’s episode of “Breaking Amish”  the group went to a live show in Little Italy and went to a restaurant where Rebecca said she misses home and doesn’t like all the  drunks, freaks, creeps,and weirdos that she saw in this bad neighbourhood, and they discussed Amish culture and were trash-talking and were making them look bad which upset Kate. They were saying so many of them were perverted, committed incest, had sex with animals, jumped their wives right after they gave birth, thought sex was dirty, etc. and Kate said it was inappropriate and made her feel uncomfortable talking about that and she and Abe said there were bad people in all cultures and Kate said most Amish are good people and it wasn’t right to be making them all look bad. It saddened me as well to hear them insulting their own culture like that and making them look bad. Abe and Rebecca also went for a horse and carriage ride in Central Park and she said the smell of the horse reminded her of home and she’d like to take 5 NY city people and “exchange” them and have them live in Amish country and see how they’d survive.

Jeremiah and Abe went to a strip club as well but Abe didn’t know it was a strip club at first and when he was made aware of it he refused to go in(good for him; it’s immoral and indecent) saying it was disrespectful to Rebecca(who he’s seeing,and in real life actually has a child with but that’s another story) and Jeremiah berated him saying he’s not a “real” man but Abe stood his ground and I respect him for that. Sabrina also started her first day at work at the Puerto Rican restaurant but doesn’t speak Spanish and had trouble keeping up waiting tables and was in tears, Jeremiah took his road test(he wants to drive a taxi) and passed but his instructor told him off for referring to women disrespectfully as “bitches” (he does have a “potty mouth” on him, that one, and comes across to me as really low class and vulgar) and Kate and Sabrina got drunk yet again and were loud, yelling, hitting Jeremiah with their purses(and hurt his ribs) and making fools of themselves, and Jeremiah got fed up with them and told Kate she’s a bitch and needs to take responsibility for her drinking but she blamed him that HE has “issues” with himself and Sabrina said she was fed up with the whole thing.

They went to an Italian street fair as well and someone yelled out “Snooki!” at Sabrina, in reference to a boozehound character on that lame-o “Jersey Shore” TV show,Abe tried out stunt school and pondering proposing to Rebecca and is looking to find a job to earn a living,and the group walked on the Brooklyn Bridge and were turned off by the rude and pushy people who kept pushing and shoving and referred to them as “assholes”, Kate modelled a bikini for a photo shoot, and the girls went to a spa and got pampered and even got their vaginas “waxed”( I don’t even have any idea what that entails, nor do I want to even imagine what it entails, and I’m female;I’ve never even heard of such a thing,and the thought just grosses me out and sounds entirely disgusting and unnecessary)and bought make up where they encountered a gay man for the first time and told him how their culture doesn’t believe in homosexuality as it goes against the Bible. They went to the laundymat as well and Jeremiah went on how it was “women’s work” and he’ll have his woman do it for him and Rebecca said he was basically a sexist pig and both men and women should share the chores and Abe agreed with her and helped out in doing the laundry and Jeremiah said he was “pussy-whipped” and at the end of the episode Rebecca received a fax at the hotel  of a copy of Kate’s DUI report…..

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