Oncology Appointment.

 Our 14 YR old had his annual check up at the oncologist’s yesterday to make sure his leukemia hasn’t returned(it’s been 7 YRS since diagnosis and 5 YRS since treatment ended) and even though we have no reason to actually suspect he’s relapsed I’m still  always nervous for the app’t until I know everything is ok.It went well and the doc noticed his abs and asked if he’s been working out.(He’s been doing the “Insanity” daily exercise regimen with my hubby and the other kids) and he passed his physical exam but the blood test results won’t be available until TODAY(they said they’ll phone us) so we still don’t know for sure and still don’t have that total reassurance yet that everything’s ok as it’s the blood work that’s the real indicator. I swear people are so half-assed! It only TAKES an HOUR for the results to come back from the lab so WHY the hell won’t they have them for a DAY, or at the very least could have had them later that same day, esp. since his app’t was in the morning? As well, I read a blog and the kid saw the specialist and is already scheduled for surgery next WEEK but here it takes MONTHS to be booked for surgery; when I had my gallbladder and it was inflamed (and as it turned out on the verge of rupture) I had to wait 3-4 months until I got my surgery! My hubby’s excuse(he’s always excusing the incompetency of this country) is that because in USA they pay so they get fast service…..except how does he explain my referral to the plastic surgeon for my boob reduction(as my big boobs affect my quality of life)..it’s been 2 months already and I still haven’t even heard back about my app’t yet, yet alone seen the doctor or have a surgery date, which my doc told me typically will take about 9 months after I see the surgeon….

As well, My hubby sneered I should just “get ‘over’ ” my Social Phobia and compared it to a character weakness, like trying to quit smoking, but he has no idea; it doesn’t work that way and it’s like telling a diabetic to just “get over” being diabetic; it’s a medical problem and to insinuate that is very hurtful,insensitive, and insulting. I told HIM, “So why don’t YOU just get over YOUR MPD then,TOO?” and his excuse is,”But it doesn’t bother me!” and I replied,”Well, it bothers the REST of us!” and he snorts I’m religious but a “hypocrite”(yet failed to explain,likely as he has no case) but what can HE say when HE doesn’t even take Communion and hasn’t even been to Confession in over 35 YRS,and at least I TRY,and so far we caught 26 mice in the traps in our kitchen cupboard and I found out my abusive babysitter(when I was around age 7) who used to hit, punch,and kick me, made me deeply inhale a cigarette so I choked and then she’d laugh,threw me in the deep end and  tried to drown me in the pool, and threw me off the couch so I’d bounce off and hit the floor, etc. who’s 8 YRS older than me now has 10 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild( the wonders of Facebook!)I sure hope she’s nicer to them than she was to me!

My mother also snickered with our financial situation I won’t be able to get my surgery now and I told her, “Yes, as I’ve already saved up for it; just like how YOU’VE already paid for YOUR trip this YR, just no more for anything else from now on” and then she shut up, and I worry if we’re forced to move that if the new house is so much smaller that we won’t have enough room for all our furniture, like in the livingroom; now we have 2 sofas, 5 chairs, piano, Grandfather clock, TV, lamps, 3 tables, etc. and cramming all the kids into 2 bedrooms it’ll be even more cluttered than it already is at this house,we likely won’t have a pool or central A/C like we have now either so it’ll be sweltering in the summer, and I really resent that the one responsible for threatening me and possibly forcing us to move(to flee their persecution) decides our fate(whether we move or not, depending on whether it escalates or blows over) and that our lives are in their hands and it’s not right,and the dark circles under my eyes are so bad it looks like bruises, like I have black eyes,and in the news it said this country is wary of a Chinese telecommunications company investing here as they’re worried they’ll use it for espionage…..geez, xenophobia and paranoia at it’s “finest!”