Remember When………

 My mother leaves for her trip in early November. She is steaming mad that the airfare has doubled in price ( 600$ from 300$) from what it was last YR. She’ s also dismayed and worried to hear that the airline she’s taking has filed for bankruptcy protection, has labour problems with it’s pilots, several flights re-routed mid-flight, many cancelled flights, seats that come loose, etc. and many other various problems. She worries there will be some issue(esp. as we don’t exactly have good luck and things always go wrong for us) and she’ll either miss her flight or be late and miss her ship. I also remember how flying used to be many YRS ago, almost “glamorous” compared to what it’s like now,and how different it was even  back in the early 80’s and how my experience flying then was so different than it is now, for example, remember when:

You used to get more than just a bag of peanuts or chips to eat?

You used to get a decent hot meal and it was included in the cost of your fare and you didn’t have to pay extra?

You didn’t have to pay extra to check your luggage?

You only had to check in at the airport an HR before and not 3 HRS before?

You weren’t practically strip-searched, X-rayed and scanned nude ,interrogated and treated like a wanna-be terrorist going thru security?

Passengers weren’t racially profiled?

There was no such thing as a “No -fly list”?

You didn’t have to remove your shoes going thru security?

You could travel to USA with just a birth certificate and didn’t require a passport?

You never saw drug-sniffing dogs and armed guards at the airport?

You were allowed to have your luggage locked?

You weren’t limited what(or what size) you could pack in your carry-on luggage, such as liquids?

You didn’t have to buy hot food at the airport to bring on the plane to eat?

It never occurred to you that your plane might be hijacked or bombed.

You weren’t limited how many bags you could check?

There seemed to be more space, more leg room,and you didn’t feel like sheep corralled in a pen or sardines crammed into a can?

You were allowed to bring liquids and drinks onboard?

Your carry-on bag wasn’t restricted by size?

There weren’t all the strikes by airline workers?


…sigh….those were the good old days!


As well, of course the clinic never did call us back with our son’s blood work results(people suck and are so incompetent!) and I burnt my gums on hot cheese Pesto tortellini and a flap of skin is hanging down and it really hurts, the 9 YR old made me this really nice funky tie-dyed blue pillow with a daisy flower trim in her sewing class (I love it!) and she also made a bag with a draw-string and PJ bottoms, our oldest had a 4.5 earthquake and felt it but at the time(he said he felt the ground beneath him shaking) but  just thought it was a big truck rumbling by until he heard later on the news it was a quake,and I remember the last one we had and the windows were rattling, the ceiling fan was violently shaking, and things were tottering on the shelves, and I told the kids,”You know, that’s actually what an earthquake feels like!” and it was! We also have black mold in the bathrooms so if we DO end up having to move and selling the house we’ll have to paint over it and hide it!