Which One Is False?

 I saw this on another blog and thought it was a neat idea. Of each group 3 of them are true and 1 of them is false. See if you can guess which one in each group is false.


1.(a) I have never tasted whiskey, rum, or tequila

(b) I survived a fire

(c) I hate jelly donuts

(d) I have met former Prime Minister Mulroney


2. (a) I have never seen an episode of “Alf”, “Married With Children”, or ” Full House.”

(b) I can speak 4 languages

(c) I love “The Simpsons”

(d) I have had an emergency landing on a plane.


3. (a) Hippos are my fave. animals

(b) I have never seen “Friends”, “Seinfeld”, or “Sex And The City”

(c) My favorite movie is ” The Breakfast Club”

(d) I broke my baby toe playing “Footsies”


4. (a) I have been to 33 countries.

(b) I can bend my thumbs all the way down so they touch my arm.

(c) I have never seen an episode of ” Night Court”

(d) I had my last child when I was 40


5. (a) I can turn my eyelids inside-out.

(b) I don’t eat meat.

(c) I saw a bear in my backyard.

(d) I know Sign Language.


6. (a) I walked in the crater of Mount Etna.

(b) I used to live in Los Angeles.

(c) I had my appendix removed.

(d) I’ve known my best friend since we were 12 YRS old.



(a) (b) and (d) are all true. (c) is false.



As well, the clinic DID fax us our son’s blood work results afterall; it was accidently sent to my hubby’s e-mail spam folder by mistake! All his counts ARE all in the normal range(which I figured or else we would have heard something sooner)nothing indicating relapse, thank God, so now we can relax and rest easy and breathe a sigh or relief until next YR!



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