The Good Of Moving?

 With all the worry about our financial situation and possibility of having to move and how I hate it and what a hassle and huge stress, expense,and undertaking it is, I was trying to think of the positive if we do have to move: I’ll finally get to leave this town that I hate, the new house might end up a nice old stone farmhouse that I’ll love, it might have an old-fashioned claw-foot bathtub I adore(and like we had at our old Toronto house when I was a kid and I miss), a fireplace, wood stove,floral wallpaper, large yard, large kitchen,etc. and it would be an exciting adventure….Regardless, I still don’t want to move now,and not under such stressful conditions and in such a hurry and rush, but it’s nice to know that if we have to that it doesn’t necessarily all have to be an entirely and completely horrible experience and that some good could come out of it. I’m trying to look on the “bright” side at least, and I also notice that some days the stress and worry is more and other days less,and on the days it’s really bad St. Therese sends me LOTS of roses (as opposed to the usual 1 or 2 she usually sends me in response to a prayer, as a reply everything will be ok) all at once, all in a row, sometimes everywhere I go and everything I see there’s roses everywhere, like 6-12 and sometimes even more, I’m inundated with them, as a reassurance, when I really need it the most, and she’s never failed me before and I have no reason to not trust in her now…..

As well, my cousins had a light covering of snow overnight and we’ve had it below zero and frost overnight a few times but no snow yet , the 17 YR old said he thinks the universe was just created “randomly” and that all species just “adapted” and “evolved” and I told him everything is so exact and precise(amount of oxygen and gravity, distance from the sun,etc.) that it had to be created by God’s intelligent design and he scoffed,”Go read a book and educate yourself!” saying that anyone who has religion and faith and believes in God is stupid and unintelligent, and my hubby now has a way for the 5 YR old to get out of being punished for name-calling; a “loop-hole”; he’d call someone “stupid” for instance and get in trouble so now all he has to do is re-word it as ,”What are you, stupid?” or “That’s so retarded!” and he gets away with it and I don’t think it’s right; it’s STILL the same thing; he’s still calling people names, but of course *I* have no “say” and MY opinion doesn’t count or matter and this is yet just another way I can be over-ruled and undermined and he can get away with being a little brat……

My hubby and the 16 YR old were also throwing food at eachother across the table(I first saw her throwing it at him and when I told her off and told him to do something he reacted by throwing it back at her…I MEANT punish her!) and I told them off but they never listen to me anyway,and on the news they said a mother in Calgary went on strike and stopped cleaning up after her 3 kids, tired of their laziness and mess,and there was  food, clothes and dishes piled up all over and clutter and junk everywhere and it made me laugh as OUR house normally looks like that ALL the time, and a tragic story of a 15 YR old girl in BC too that killed herself after 4 YRS of bullying both online and at school. It started in grade 7 when she posted topless photos online and escalated from there; they even had to move and she transferred schools twice( just like I had to do when I was bullied in school for 2  1/2 YRS)  and my mother cruelly said it served her right for doing something so stupid but NO ONE “deserves” to be bullied to death for ANY reason. EVERYONE makes mistakes and does stupid things but no one deserves this. I’ve been thru it myself and I know what it’s like and not enough is being done in schools to stop it either. They SAY they have anti-bullying policies but it’s just all talk and no action. They should expel the bullies and the police should be charging them with assault. I remember when I was being bullied I went to the principal and she even blamed me and said I “deserved” it and that it was my “fault for being ugly” and that it would get worse because I “snitched”, and it did.There is no help and no support for those being bullied and tormented in the schools and it drives people to suicide.I tried it 3 times in fact myself. This is one reason I homeschool my own kids.