To My 15 YR Old Self.

 I saw on the CNN website they were asking women what advice they would have given to their 15 YR old selves now that they are grown women; what advice they would have wanted themselves to have known then about their grown up lives now. Here’s what I wish I would have known then,and what I would have told (and warned!)myself if I could travel back in time and tell my teenage self:

“You will never find love and romance, so stop hoping and dreaming. It only happens in the movies and in fairytales, and perhaps for other people, but it never will for you.”

” The best part of your life will be over by the time you’re 21 and then the worst will come.”

“If you think being molested as a kid and being bullied as a teen are the worst things to have happened to you, you are wrong. You will have many, many more and much worse traumas yet to come and they will utterly destroy you.”

” Having kids will not be what you thought and hoped it would be.There will be so much fear, worry, trauma,and stress. Even though it it has always been your dream you would have been better off not having them.”

“You will be betrayed by pretty well everyone you have ever loved or trusted; your family, your friends,and even so-called professionals you thought you could trust and that were there to help you. You will learn that you can’t trust anyone.”

“You will learn that in life you will always have to settle or end up with nothing.”

“You will never get better-looking and eventually you will get fat,too.”

“None of the guys that you will fall in love with will ever love you back and the one that you will end up marrying will be one of the biggest regrets of your life.”

“You will spend your adult life wishing you could go back to your past,to your childhood, where you were happy.”

“Due to your Asperger’s Syndrome you will never progress emotionally past the 15 YR old stage and you will never acquire life or job  skills or be able to function as an independent adult.”

“You’ll never have the happy future that you dreamed of.”

“You’ll never have the happy marriage you dreamed of; you’ll just settle because no one else wanted you.”

“You’ll never belong, be like other people, be accepted, loved, or find your place in the world.”

“You can never please everyone anyway so do what’s best for you, what’s right, and what makes you happy.”

“The depression has only just begun; it never ends.”

“Childbirth hurts ALOT more than anyone ever says!”

“You will always get the short end of the stick in life, always come last,and misfortune and bad luck will always follow you.”

“Others will always be chosen before you.”

“Always be on guard.”

“Hope for the best but expect the worst.”

“You will always long for what you can never have; to be pretty, to be loved, to be happy, to be like other people, to have a normal life.”

“Just when you think you’re safe….watch out!”

“The love of your life will end up to be gay and will break your heart.”

“Life is cruel to the ugly.”

“Once you get in your 40’s you gain weight and you can’t lose it.”

“Your teen YRS were actually “good” compared to your adult YRS.”

“Remember the good things because there will be so few of them in your life.”

“God will always provide.”

“Don’t trust the gov’t.”

“People will always let you down.”

“Don’t go along with the crowd.”

“Follow God, not the world.”

“All things must pass.”


As well, we tried to make maple fudge but it must have overcooked because it ended up taffy,and I still have my cold even though it’s been 12 days and a sinus infection now as well, and even though I don’t particularly like this house it’s still our home and it’s not right that we might be forced to move so I hope we don’t have to,and I hope that this whole situation doesn’t ruin our Christmas,either,and my hubby and some of the kids went to the cinema but all the tickets were sold out so they just ended up coming home! I also got one of those Dairy Queen pumpkin pie Blizzards and it’s probably like over a million calories but it was soooo good (I wanted to get naked and make love to it!) I DON’T CARE!!!