Great News!!

 GREAT NEWS! I saw live on the news Ontario Premier McGuinty announce that he will be resigning as soon as his corrupt Liberal Party elects a new leader! I was so happy I just started crying and screaming at the top of my lungs and jumping up and down and the kids heard me all the way from upstairs and they came running down to see what all the commotion was! I am so overjoyed and this just made my day and is the best news I’ve had in a long time! I have been waiting 9 YEARS for this! McGuinty and his corrupt and lying Liberals have destroyed this province and finally he will be gone! I couldn’t believe it! He started off just his usual rhetoric praising his gov’t and the (ahem!) “good” job they’ve done(gag) and I wondered how he could say that with a straight face, lying thru his teeth and as he praised everyone saying it was a pleasure to work with them I commented to my mother,”It sounds like he’s about to resign…..we should be so lucky!” and snorted in contempt…but then he actually DID and I just blinked in disbelief and my jaw just dropped! I was stunned,but delirious with joy! I slapped my knee and shrieked and danced around the room yelling! I can’t believe it!  FINALLY! I bet his party made him resign and I bet there will be an election too; I have a suspicion the minority gov’t will be brought down any time soon and will fall,everyone being fed up with them, and I sure hope so; I want the corrupt Liberals to be badly defeated never to rule again and in the meantime I’m just glad to be rid of this little fucker once and for all! As it is now, his smirking mug is displayed on a dart board on our rec room wall.

To Be Happy.

It just royally sucks for me to realize that opportunity has never knocked on my door,life is passing me by, and that everything I need to do to make myself feel better, to improve my life,and to feel happy is unattainable and will always be out of my reach. I really want to leave Canada (which I hate) but my mother and hubby refuse. At the very  least I want to move back to Toronto but we can’t afford to live there now and the houses there are too small for our large family. I also want to move out on my own and get away from my mother and hubby and live on my own but due to my Asperger’s I can’t survive on my own. I want a Chihuahua as well(to at least remind me of a happy time in my life) but they won’t allow that,either. So, basically, I’m trapped. I’m stuck in a situation I’m unable to change or escape and have no hope of ever improving, getting out of, and what would make me happy just isn’t possible. Ideally I’d move out on my own with a Chihuahua to another country away from my toxic family. That would be my dream, but in reality I’m dependent and will  always need someone to take care of me so it would never work, so where does that leave me? Always longing for a life,an escape,independence, and a freedom I’ll never have, longing for happiness I’ll never achieve,and that the only solution to my dilemma and way for me to be happy(and what I really want) is beyond my reach and what I really want out of life will never happen and that just depresses the hell out of me.Happiness is just in my past, not in my present or future.


As well, our oldest is the top of his Honour’s class(14 students in his class) and he said they each have their own Professor,and if he keeps this up he might have a chance of becoming Valedictorian when he graduates, when the washing machine goes thru the water cycle it reeks like raw sewage and I Googled it and it seems to be sewage gas backing up thru the drain in the early morning as the sun comes up and warms the pipes(yeeeccchh!), the 5 YR old purposely stomped on and broke the robot the 9 YR old made and worked hard on and scoffed,”It’s not a REAL robot,anyway!” and of course my mother excused him and blamed her(because with her and my hubby it’s never HIS fault, always someone else’s!) “She must have annoyed him FIRST!” “SHE should have kept it up in her room!”(Actually she does; she just brought it downstairs to play with it) and I told her,”You’d even excuse him if he KILLED someone!” and she smirked,” If you say so; you’re always right!” (she didn’t deny it,either) no WONDER he’s such a brat, but if it was the other way around and SHE ruined something of HIS you bet she’d sure be mad, and maybe God wants us to move for some reason too (and the only way we’d leave  is if we’re under siege and attacked and due to financial difficulties), but then if He wants us to move I also figure He’ll help us too, so either way it should work out but I still hope we don’t have to though, at least not now, not like this…