“Breaking Amish” Episode # 6.

 This week on “Breaking Amish”  Kate and Sabrina were drinking again and Kate was confronted about her DUI and she said she wasn’t proud of it and doesn’t want to think about it and that’s why she never mentioned it, Jeremiah tried driving a taxi but was mad after a day he only made a 50$ profit, the group went to a disgusting sex museum(I think they’re getting more into the perverted,immoral and  depraved aspects of “English” life all the time) where they joked Kate was a “lesbian” or at least “bisexual” as she fondled the displays,and they said sex  wasn’t something their communities discussed and that it wasn’t appropriate, and she continued to have her severe mood swings which troubled the others and they are concerned that she doesn’t eat enough and exercises too much  to lose weight for her modelling but she denies it and doesn’t see a problem.She also went for a make over for a modelling photo shoot and they gave her a nice hair cut and made her look really pretty.

Abe went to buy an engagement ring for Rebecca(this will be interesting to see how it plays out since in reality she was already married to a guy named Rufus when she hooked up with Abe) but they were all too expensive so he left but later returned after Jeremiah loaned him the money(which I thought was uncharacteristically nice of him; usually he came across as a douchebag) and Jeremiah called Sabrina a “slut” after she texted 3 guys she’d just met and she accused him of being jealous that  he likes her and I notice as well that both her and Jeremiah swear an awful lot, another proof that they have been away from their communities for awhile(and not just fresh-off-the-farm) and Jeremiah mentioned that he’s been married before and it didn’t work out, the first time he’d mentioned about his former wife, but has yet to mention his 3 kids( he hinted to them in an earlier episode in his tattoo the 3 names were people that were important to him) yet failed to mention he had been arrested 8 times due to domestic violence) and that it was a violent marriage. Sabrina also found out about her birth parents from the private investigator she hired and discovered they were drug addicts and threw her in the  trash when she was a baby and that her mother is now  dead but her father and grandmother are still alive and are willing to meet her and she was given their address and is going to contact and visit them.

Kate had a photo shoot with the modelling agency; she wore a long flowing black gown and a skimpy bikini that was slutty but was upset when she met up with the others afterwards that they didn’t support her  and weren’t as excited for her as she’d hoped as this had been her dream, and she and Sabrina were drinking again which alienated and disgusted the others, who  got fed-up and left and they failed to see why the others were mad, and accused Jeremiah of being “mean” to them,and Rebecca said she’s sick of alcohol and people that drink and they were all tired of them getting drunk and they left. Jeremiah later apologized even though he had no reason to and Kate felt he only meant it to Sabrina and not to her and that he never liked her and she’s jealous that he likes Sabrina and not her.He also said she was a bitch.

Later on Kate freaked out during the night and turned a video recorder on Sabrina as she slept and accused her and Jeremiah of practicing witchcraft(which she acknowledged is the devil’s work and evil) and plotting against her.It freaked out Sabrina who accused Kate of putting something in her drink and she told Jeremiah she’s afraid of her and doesn’t feel safe sharing a room with her and had an “intervention” with the group about Kate where they confronted her and she didn’t recall any of it and cried they always blame her and gang up on her and at that moment I truly felt sorry for her as there’s obviously something wrong with her and she needs help.(I also sympathize as I’m always being ganged up on by my family and blamed for everything too so I know how it feels) I think she has bi-polar disorder or something and perhaps the episode during the night is like sleepwalking or something and she doesn’t even realize she did it. I hope she gets the help she needs. At the end of the episode she ended up getting her own room and the group isolated her ,leaving her sobbing ,shattered,and heartbroken.Sabrina also cracked that she “should put a spell” on her(so is she into witchcraft for real or was she just being sarcastic?) and the sneak peek into next week’s episode eluded to the fact that it may have just been a sneaky ploy by Jeremiah and Sabrina to get rid of Kate so that they could share a room together, which shocks me since in reality records show that Sabrina has been MARRIED since 2009, so I wonder what her husband would think of that, if she takes up with Jeremiah?

It shocks and saddens me that these once prim-and-proper Amish and Mennonite people are being so badly corrupted by the “English” world and being more immoral and deceptive than many non-“English” people. They swear too much, are into drinking, sex,fornication, deception,the occult, adultery( Rebecca married but taking up with Abe and had his baby)back-stabbing, cruelty,nastiness, etc. Their families and communities would be so shocked, disgusted and embarrassed.It’s painful to watch.