The Elf On The Shelf.

 We finally found “The Elf On The Shelf” set with the book and the elf. We looked all over last YR at Christmas time but everywhere was all sold out. We found it this time quite by accident actually and weren’t even looking this early; we were at the store looking for something else and there it was! The idea is in December you hide the little elf in a different spot each day and the kids have to find him,moving him closer to the Christmas tree each day as it nears Christmas Eve. We each submitted a name and took a vote to decide what his name should be. The names up for selection were: Karl, Elfy, Elfazar, Shelf, Elfis, Stumpy,Simon, Shelfy, and Smitty. It ended up being a tie between Elfis and Smitty ,and Elfis( a combination of “Elf” and “Elvis”) ended up winning. It was originally “Elfis Sexley” but I nixed the “Sexley” part so he’s just Elfis. They also have a website where you can register your new elf and get a letter from Santa but of course it didn’t work(as things generally don’t work for me; I’m a jinx)for me; they said my account wasn’t verified as I had to first click on the link they gave me in the e-mail they’d sent me….but they never sent me the e-mail.Figures.

To get the kids to clean the entire house my hubby also told them we’ll probably end up having to move(whether we actually will or not and we’re still not sure at this point yet) and I have this reassuring feeling that either way everything will end up ok and we’ll be ok and it’ll all work out and God will look after us. The sink drains are also always  all clogged and the kitchen and bathroom  cabinet doors are falling off and I’m so sick of this house with everything broken and we can’t afford to fix it(we’d never be able to sell this shit hole,anyway) it’s like a slum; like living in a ghetto,and my mother sneered, “You better get USED to it!” and nagged me I don’t scrape my plates off “good enough”, either,and I’m so sick of always being criticized for everything,and when I’d said I wish I’d never met my hubby she snickered, “I’m sure HE wishes that HE never met YOU,either!!” She’s never on my side,never supportive,always has some snide comment,and is always putting me down. I hate my life and want out of this family.

My hubby also hassled me about him not having time to get water for the water cooler again as it interfered with his exercising time(even though the water’s for everyone, but something for HIM always comes FIRST) and my mother scoffed that *I* am “always harping” on it,and he just kept cutting me off every time I’d try to speak and I’m so tired of the shoddy way they always treat and dismiss me; I KNOW I’m  being emotionally abused,and the kids thought it was neat I showed them how I made popcorn as a kid,too: popping kernels on a pot on the stove heating them up in oil!