No Big Deal?

 A Toronto city councillor recently got arrested with drunk driving.She was pulled over(and initially tried to evade police) after attending a ball and was more than double the legal limit on the breathalizer test and was arrested. What gets me is the reaction to it, which is part of the problem. Her co-workers and even people on the street when asked by news reporters were all sympathetic and supportive, saying things like it’s no big deal, people make mistakes, it can happen to anyone, etc, and that’s part of the problem; drinking and driving is a BIG problem in this country; we have one of the highest drunk driving rates in the world(and one of the lowest punishments for it) it has become society’s biggest scourge. Now, picking up the wrong item at the store is a mistake. Dating an asshole is a mistake. Dialing the wrong number is a mistake. Forgetting someone’s birthday is a mistake. Drinking and driving is more than a “mistake”. To top it off she’s even pleading not guilty and is refusing to resign and said it doesn’t affect her work. So much for taking responsibility. No one forced her to drink. She shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place,and if she was she should have at least taken a taxi home or got a ride with a friend. There is NEVER any excuse for drinking and driving.NEVER. It was a “mistake?” tell that to the grieving parents of the countless innocent victims that were killed by drunk drivers,incl. a friend of mine back in the 80’s whose 18 YR old brother was killed by a drunk driver as he was walking home on New Years Eve. Excusing drinking and driving and acting like it’s no big deal is part  of the problem. It’s not a “mistake”; it’s a social ill and it needs to be taken seriously, it needs to be punished, it needs to be condemned, society needs to fight it,and it needs to be stopped.


As well, the 9 YR old said to me,”You have a big butt!” so I replied,”You have a big mouth!” and my hubby makes fun of my deformed baby toes even though HE has the ugliest, gnarliest, pasty white feet I’ve EVER seen,and they’re hairy and small,too, my mother had a hissy-fit that I was at the fridge and in HER way when SHE wanted it and didn’t want to wait her turn even though *I* WAS there first, and the 5 YR old stays up late and annoys the 14 YR old in their room and my mother snorts to him,”You can’t MAKE him go to sleep!” and even had the nerve to tell HIM to stay out of their room until he falls asleep even though it’s HIS room TOO and why should HE have to always adapt for the brat, and the 5 YR old also yelled at the 9 YR old,”You do what I say or I’ll punch you in the FACE!” and my mother’s so lazy now she refuses to cook dinner anymore( I cook breakfast and lunch and she does dinner) excusing we won’t have the money for it soon anyway,and I told her, “We still have to eat; we just have to cut back even more and eat less!”

They’re also tearing up the entire front lawn next door and digging up the drain/sewer pipes,and now they say the redneck hockey might make a deal and still have their entire season afterall, just start and run late but I hope NOT; I was looking forward to an entire year without that redneck loser crap always taking over the TV and pre-empting all the regular shows! I still hold out hope a deal won’t be reached and it won’t be settled afterall and that it will still be cancelled.It’s a dream come true for me to not have it hijacking all  the TV channels all year,and,in fact, it would be great if there  were NO sports at ALL on TV; they should keep that crap on the loser sports channels where it belongs!