Carrot Wedding.

 This was just too cute not to post. My 9 YR old drew this picture of her going on a date and marrying her carrot toy she got from IKEA and she loves. I cracked up laughing when I saw it and just had to put it up here for the world to see. Over sharing with the InterNet is what I do best. Yup. You’re welcome.

Roma Persecution.

 I have read yet another article about how the Roma (formerly “Gypsies”) people are being discriminated against in Europe(in particular in Hungary) and it breaks my heart. They are being oppressed, victimized, forced to live in poverty, uneducated, in ghettos, are victims of discrimination, hatred,and violence. They generally live in Eastern Europe but also in France and Italy and Turkey is the only country they have communities and have rights and are treated with decency and respect and are allowed to live and work unharrassed. In Hungary, for example, their kids are sent to segregated schools and the ethnic “white” Hungarians withdraw their kids if any Roma kids are enrolled so they end up segregated and rarely finish elementary school, let alone high school and post-secondary school is almost unheard of, and they are almost never hired for jobs and are forced to live in poverty in ghettos. They are targeted for hate and attack, with neo-Nazi groups attacking their neighbourhoods beating them up, firebombing their homes,yelling hateful slurs,and they rarely report it to the authorities as they just  look the other way and in many cases the police are even involved! They are blamed for the crime much like how the Jews were blamed for society’s ills and the state of the economy in Germany at the end of WWI and during WWII under the Nazis.

The Roma are always referred to as thieves and criminals and no one chooses to see their culture for their gifted craftsmen, artisans, musicians, dancers, or talented circus performers, and I remember when I was in Rome the tour guide warning us,”Watch out for the Gypsies; they steal! They’re pick-pockets!” and how I felt badly for them; that an entire race of people was being catagorized as criminals and how I purposely sought out outdoor vendors in the market that appeared to be Roma, to support them in making an honest living. What people don’t seem to realize is that ANY marginalized group that is oppressed and forced to live in poverty and despair, forced into ghettos,that is held back and not allowed education ,jobs or allowed to better themselves in life will turn to a life of crime. Poverty and oppression breeds crime, it doesn’t matter the race or the skin colour; it’s the desperation and the circumstances. If you educate someone, train him, give him a skill, a job,a future,a way to support himself,  a sense of pride, and hope, then you end the cycle of crime. It’s not just the Roma; it’s the same everywhere and it’s not safe to label them all as criminals, just like it’s not right to say that all Muslims are terrorists or that all Black people are criminals.

In France the Roma were even offered money if they would leave the country and those that do work can barely make enough to survive. They try to emigrate claiming refugee status as they are being persecuted but this country is making an immigration policy to deny them, saying that they’re all criminals and just come here to commit crimes and to freeload and take advantage of the free healthcare, welfare and childtax benefits. This country is well known to be anti-immigration and discriminate and it’s only getting worse. I think it’s awful how they’re being treated,much like the Natives are here, forced into poverty, lacking education and job skills, being held back,never given the chance to better themselves or to escape poverty. .It’s wrong to  discriminate against an entire group of people like that,calling them all thieves and a scourge on society, how they’re not welcome anywhere, aren’t allowed an equal education,aren’t hired, are targeted for attack,etc. It’s just not right,and Jesus said to love your neighbour. He didn’t say “Love everyone…..except for the Roma.” People treat animals better than this.It’s shameful.


As well, the 11 YR old threw her purse on top of my expensive Ugg boots, squishing them and the kids are always disrespecting my stuff and I’m sick of it and my mother snickered,”They (the kids) disrespect everyone’s stuff; you’re just the only one that complains about it!” and THAT’S exactly what I mean; she always turns everything around onto me and blames me, and at the time I also didn’t realize how much my life would change for the worse when I met my hubby and it’s sad that there’s no guarantee that when you have kids that you’re going to like them,either.There’s just so many things that I wish I knew ahead of time,beforehand, and that if I did my life (and my choices) would have ended up so different….