Does America Hate Romney?

 It’s all over the news the upcoming US Presidential election(in fact, the news here covers their election even more than ours!) and I get the impression that the Americans hate candidate Mitt Romney. I think  for 2 reasons: because he’s rich and because he’s a Mormon. People tend to be envious and hate people that are rich,successful, or beautiful. I think it’s strictly sour grapes and envy that they resent him because he is wealthy. They say that he’s “out of touch” with the average person(and that he’s made insensitive aloof comments) but I see it this way: as a successful businessman and with great knowledge of investing he’d be the best choice for a president; he’d be the one to be best able to bring a country out of debt, to manage a debt and to be able to handle a nation’s finances. He’d know how to cut back now in order to save for the future and how to plan ahead. If he can manage corporations he can manage a country.

As for people not liking him for his religion, it’s just more anti-religion discrimination again. People fear the Mormons because they really don’t know that much about them. They wrongly think it’s some sort of weird cult but I can honestly tell you from experience that it’s not. Years ago I left the Catholic Church and I was a member of the LDS church for a few years. I was even baptized and attended the temple and everything, the whole enchilada. They ARE Christian, despite that many people claim that they’re not. They don’t believe in the Trinity as such, but they do believe in God, Jesus,and the Holy Spirit, just as 3 separate Beings instead of all 3 in one. They’re Christian simply because by definition “Christian” means anyone who believes in and follows Jesus as God’s Son and our Saviour,which they do.In fact, Christ is even in their name (“The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints.”). They are good moral, upright, family-oriented people.They don’t drink, smoke, use drugs,or even use caffeine. They don’t have any secret plan to take over the world. They look after eachother. They’re not a cult. The reason I eventually left(and returned to the Catholic Church 7 YRS ago) is I thought Joseph Smith was a fraud and they had some weird ideas, like God was once a man, there is more than one god, we can become “gods” and inhabit other planets, and the temple rituals were bizarre,and their past history  of  having multiple wives and refusing blacks the priesthood bothered me, but there’s nothing sinister,cultish, or secretive about Mormons. It’s not right to not vote for someone because he’s a Mormon. In fact, if I were American I WOULD be more likely to vote for him based on it because it tells me he has good moral character,values,  ethics and integrity.He’d also be more likely to be pro-life.

It’s not right that people pre-judge him based on his financial status and his religion. They should base their decision on how well he could do the job. Hating him based on those reasons is just as wrong as not voting for Obama because he’s Black. Vote based on who you think is best suited for the job, who can do a better job,and not because of what church they go to, how much money they have, or what colour they are. Really, people.


As well, they accidently cut the neighbour’s electricity, Internet, phone, and water lines while they were digging the water pipes(people here are sooo inept!) and they came over here for water, and my mother’s trip’s in 2 weeks and the travel agent told me that the immigration info was incomplete(and they can’t get the boarding passes without it) so I had to go online and complete it and we never had to do that before; our former travel agent always did it for us, and it was such a pain in the ass(and there’s ALWAYS something for us isn’t there?)and with 2500$ a month less soon  we’ll probably have to stop all the kids’ activities (gymnastics, piano, sewing class) except for Cadets(which is free) as well which is unfortunate but if we’ll be scrounging around to find money for food we really won’t have any extra left for activities anymore…The 16 YR old also distances herself from the rest of the family and always stays up in her room and  I never hear her even practicing piano anymore either and  my mother says she does it using the keyboard in her room(and not the piano in the livingroom) to avoid ME,and that’s what I mean; she always blames ME,and she hardly eats anything either and I think she might be anorexic!