New Passports.

 Later next YR the older kids have to get new passports as their old ones expire and early in  2013 they’ll be implementing the new e-passports, that is electronic  biometric passports(that several other countries are already using but this country is always behind) that will require retinal scans and fingerprinting and will cost a whopping 250$ each  instead of the current 87$ (which is already bad enough!) so I’m hoping that it will be delayed (like most gov’t things are)and that they can still get the “old” version before the switch over and then they’ll be safe for another 5 YRS. I’m lucky as I re-newed mine this YR before the change so I’ll be ok for awhile and the younger kids are ok as their current one is just 2 YRS old so they still have another 3 YRS left on theirs, and I refuse to get the new ones as I find them way too intrusive and Big Brother, plus there’s no way with 7 kids still left at home that we can afford the cost, either, even more so now with the financial situation, but with that we won’t have any money to be able to travel anymore anyway, so I guess it won’t really matter now,will it? Speaking of our financial crisis, my mother said with 2500$ less per month soon we’ll have to start using the $$$ she has left over from cashing in her life insurance policies(from what she has left after paying for her pre-paid funeral arrangements) to buy food, so that when she dies they’ll be nothing left, but we need to eat now, and will just have to worry about later, later. What else can we DO? We also will no longer have any $$$ left for the kids’ savings bonds anymore,either. We’re REALLY going to be poor! 😦

The 14 YR old was also shining his shoes for Cadets on the dining room TABLE, infuriating me with his uncouth bad manners but of course my hubby never cared(where do you think he GETS his redneck characteristics FROM?) making me even madder that I never get any support and no one ever backs me up, I saw and enjoyed  the movie “W.E” which gave me a blissful 2 HRS of escape from my life, and it was about the love story of King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, and compared it  to a modern-day woman in NYC who was fascinated with Wallis and lived a similar life,and I think that theirs was one of the greatest romances in history and even though it wasn’t perfect and they DID have to “pay” for it (the scandal, the exclusion, the abdication, the exile) with  consequences, he really did love her and they stayed together some 35 YRS until his death in 1972. I could only dream of someone loving me like that! I’m stuck in an unhappy loveless marriage and meeting my hubby ruined my life.

I also read in the news they’re trying to use scare tactics again to get people to take the Flu shot(we never do and only get the Flu about every 5 YRS, and people we know who have gotten the vaccine  have gotten sicker than if they got the Flu, some even ended up in the ICU and nearly died) by saying over 800 kids(median age, age 7) a YR die of it (and said they don’t have underlying medical conditions which I also find doubtful)and get vaccinated to prevent it,etc. but failed to say how the vaccine isn’t even that effective(but that handwashing is) or mention how many people died from the vaccine, and that McGuinty has prorogued Parliament until the corrupt Liberals find a new leader since he resigned as Premier( which they estimate will take until spring!) which basically means he’s “frozen” it(so they can’t get back to work) and only did it so they’d stop investigating his corruption and bring down the gov’t  and he’s now said he’ll cancel it if the Opposition parties do what he wants; that is, freeze all public sector wages(the dictator) which they refuse to do.Just when you think he can’t POSSIBLY be even MORE of a dickhead than he already is, somehow he still manages. I hope there’s some way they can take it to a higher level and get it overturned.The CRTC has also blocked Bell’s bid to buy out Astral Media saying it wouldn’t allow for enough competition which IS true but I still  have an issue with ANY gov’t body meddling in the affairs of private corporations and telling them what they can,and cannot, do; that’s not democracy, that’s fascism. It’s none of their business,and unless it’s a gov’t corporation, they have no right to stop a private company from buying ,selling, or merging with another company or doing anything. So much for free enterprise!  We are losing more and more freedom all the time as the gov’t dictates and regulates everything.I will hate this Police State country with my dying breath right  to my grave!!