The Facts.

1.My hubby hurt his ankle playing squash. He’s not in his 20’s anymore and he’s too old to still be doing this stuff and he’s always getting hurt but he just never learns.

2. The 14 YR old quipped about my Asperger’s,”It sounds like you have a burger in your ass.”

3. A child-hater sat in front of us in Mass yesterday and when we sat down she got up and left and sat elsewhere.Miserable old hag! I hate people like that and I just kept giving  her the Evil Eye.

4. St. Therese continues to keep sending me an astonishing amount of roses every day(even on days I don’t pray for a sign) to reassure me and give me inner peace over my worry over our financial situation and possible need to move.They just keep on coming!

5. My hubby walked in while me, the 9 YR old and 5 YR old were listening to music and just changes the channel on us and then walked out! He’s such a twat.

6.I saw a 5 bedroom farmhouse within our price range in a realestate flyer and it had 50 acres too so no nosey neighbours to bother us(and lots of privacy!) so if we DO have to move at least it’s good to know that there ARE places available, although I still hope that we don’t have to as moving’s such a hassle.

7. I always thought the workout wear company “Lululemon” was pronounced “Lu-lu- le- mon” and not “Lulu-lemon”. Duh.

8. I have no idea what the hell Beer Pong is.

9. The next door neighbours had to leave as they still have no electricity, water, or heat. They went to Niagara Falls for a few days and made a mini-vacation out of it( a good idea) and they came back and have electricity and water now except still no drainage so they still can’t use the water! I don’t know how they can just leave people like this for a week; how do they expect people to LIVE like that?

10. Cadets had a Mess Dinner Saturday night and the 3 kids in Cadets went and I couldn’t believe they served BEEF despite the biggest beef recall nation-wide and the worst in this country’s history due to e-coli contamination! Needless to say, they didn’t eat the beef, just the rest. What are they trying to do, kill everyone?

11. Now the dictatorship gov’t is blocking even more foreign investment again; from Malaysia and a couple of companies from China it looks like soon as well and they refuse to say why just that it’s not in this country’s “best interest.” Yeah, right, just another way of not wanting to admit  they’re racist and don’t want foreigners to invest.

12. I like to listen to the radio show “Nights With Alice Cooper.”

13. The kids won’t be going to Cadets next week as they’re having a Hallowe’en party and we don’t celebrate it due to it’s occult nature.