Getting An MRI!

 I saw my doctor to renew my headache prevention meds(been on for 2 months now) and she doubled the dose as I was building up a tolerance to it since the headaches were still breaking thru.(It works as a mood stabilizer for bi-polar disorder as well) She also gave me pills to get rid of the headaches when they do show up,and meds for anxiety and stress, although nothing yet for my still high BP ( 160/100) as she thinks it might just be related to the headaches and stress and if you eliminate(or at least get under control) the headaches and stress you control the high BP; it’s like a circle. She also shares my concern that there is something wrong with my crippling headaches and increasing brain decline and forgetfulness and disagrees with my hubby and mother who just dismiss it as “age” since I’m only 45 and I don’t have a family history of early-onset dementia(the only person in my family to have Alzheimers, for instance, was my grandmother and she didn’t get it until she was in her 80’s) esp. added with the fact I have Marfan Syndrome(and my father and grandfather also had the physical traits of it (as does my oldest son) and very likely had it as well esp. as it is genetic) which often co-exists with Chiari Malformation,and I have the sore stiff neck that goes along with it as well, so there’s enough ‘high coincidences” that warrant an MRI scan, to either show what’s causing my concerning and worsening symptoms or to at least rule out what it’s not, or if it’s a normal scan for peace of mind that it’s not anything serious, and if it is to know what it is and what needs to be done from there for example be referred to a specialist and  if it’s a brain tumor I’d need surgery or if it’s Chiari I’d need brain decompression surgery). She said it might even be from an old head injury(like from when I fell down the stairs in Kindergarten and went unconscious) or low blood flow to a certain part of the brain,or seizures, etc. I’m just relieved that someone FINALLY believes me and takes it seriously! I have been begging for a scan to find out what’s wrong for so long! I know SOMETHING’S wrong and now I’ll finally have some answers! She surprised me as well to say it’ll be booked in just a WEEK; usually things in this country take MONTHS to book but she said the MRI at the hospital there (in a town 40 min. away) is NOT paid for by the gov’t(unlike in most other places) but by a fundraiser by the town, so you can get in quicker! I’m just so glad something’s finally going to be done and that I’ll find out what’s been causing all my symptoms!! I’ve never been so excited for a medical test! She also said due to my extensive blood work I had done before other things have been ruled out such as kidney disease or diabetes.

On the drive there I also saw so many beautiful trees with their fall coloured leaves, and a truck went by carrying piglets and they were sticking their cute little snouts out of the holes cracking me up, and on the way home we ate at Pizza Hut and I had a pasta and my hubby tried this new pizza that had a HOT DOG stuffed in the crust and it just cracked me up; I mean, who ever would have thought of the idea to put hot dog weiners in a PIZZA? It’s also going up to 20 C tomorrow and Friday but then dropping down to just 7 C on Sunday and a few parts of the country have had snow already,and my cousin who lives in the UK has left for Spain already(she spends every winter there) the 9 YR old calls antonyms and synonyms “Anthonys” and “symphonies”,and next door they finally filled in the 5-6 foot trench they had dug in their front yard but they have a portable outdoor toilet in the backyard that they still have to use, like an outhouse, but at least they have their electricity, heat and water back now!