Memories Of Fall.

 I have always loved fall. I love the beautiful leaves, the crisp cool air, the smell of wet leaves, and the memories it brings back of autumns of my childhood.The only thing I don’t like about it is occult Hallowe’en is in October. The photo seen here is of the maple tree next door which is now 3/4 devoid of leaves. I have happy childhood memories of walking to and from school in fall, looking at the pretty leaves, walking thru the leaves, rustling at my feet, jumping in piles of leaves,cat shit sticking to me, and of the smell of wet leaves in the rain. I remember sitting on a roof behind my school at recess and lunch in the fall, in peaceful solitude, watching the squirrels gather nuts, climbing the trees(both the squirrels and myself), as I also gathered acorns and chestnuts.(I still like to watch the squirrels today!)It brings back fond memories,and I actually liked school up to and incl. age 12; the bullying started at age 13. I am also grateful and thankful for small blessings, gifts,and mercies as well; for the beauty of fall leaves, for sparkling snow, for the sun on my face, for chirping crickets, for singing birds, for reading a good book, for when the now-18 YR old smiles at me or isn’t mean, for when something goes right(as it rarely does), for when the 5 YR old sits on my lap(as he hardly ever does),for a good day(I rarely have), for happy memories, etc.

As well, it was 22 C yesterday and felt like 26 C and we broke a 49 YR record high !  The neighbours are getting a new veranda built and said it costs 10 000$ and the owner already put 50 000$ into fixing the slum and I wonder where in the hell people GET that kind of money FROM and my mother said when we’ll be short of $$$ soon that she might have to go and get a job at Wal-Mart or something to bring in the extra $ to make up for it so we can afford food,and the kids raked leaves and got so many bags and the 18 YR old griped it’s a “dictatorship” and how come I didn’t do any and I told him with my bad back I can’t bend over and my hubby told him,”That’s why we have kids!”( to do the work) and I told him if he doesn’t like it he can always move out and he told me “Stop whining!” and I told HIM,”The only one whining is YOU!”

I also had weird dreams: that someone jumped over our backyard fence and smashed all our garden gnomes and statues(which are now  safely “hibernating” in the shed for winter) and that I was on a Toronto streetcar and the fare was only 75 cents when in actual fact it’s now about 3 $ each way,and even though I haven’t forgotten the rude, pushy people there or all the crime(the reasons we left in the first place) I still do miss the city and want to return there, and I don’t know WHAT  I’m more sick of always hearing about all the time, either: Hallowe’en, the American election coverage, hockey, baseball, or football, but luckily soon ALL of them will be OVER with and I can hardly WAIT! Enough already and there are alot more important things going on in the world that take priority and that should be taking precedent.