The Diary.

 I remember in 1984 when I was 17 I moved to California and I was  poking around the garage in our house and I found this old diary from a woman who had died and and lived there before. It was from the 1920’s and I began reading it. It was fascinating to read about a person’s life so long ago, some 60 YRS earlier. She wrote of a wealthy woman’s life of leisure, of lounging by the pool, of meeting up with her friends, having tea, going to restaurants to eat, and mentioning the earthquakes she experienced. It was like stepping back into time, a piece of history and I really enjoyed reading it. Ever since 1980(when I was 13) I have kept diaries of my own, faithfully right to this day but sadly this YR’s is my last as no one makes them anymore and I looked everywhere; in stores and even online and they just aren’t available, at least not the traditional ones I’ve been using with individual pages for each day with the dates marked on them and with a lock and key.What I have to do is just buy another sort of journal notebook and put in  my own dates I guess but it saddens me as it sort of feels like an end of an era. I have been keeping diaries as a way to document my life , to remember events both good and bad and as a way to “purge” myself of my emotions and also as a legacy for my kids, to learn of their history and past.

As well, I still haven’t heard back yet about my MRI app’t, our church youth group isn’t having a  Hallowe’en party tonight  and I’m glad, and the leaders even told the kids the evils of it and why they shouldn’t be celebrating it, and I read that the Russian Orthodox Church is trying to ban it in Russia as well due to it’s occult nature and culture of death it promotes  and that it’s only been celebrated there for the past 20 YRS since the fall of the former Soviet Union(it’s a Western holiday that they just recently started) and since 2003 the Moscow district school board has banned their schools from celebrating it and from having Hallowe’en parties….and THEY’RE supposed to be the “atheists?”  Good for them! I think here should take a lesson from them! They should be banning it here too, but instead here they don’t allow schools to have Christmas pageants that honour God but DO allow Hallowe’en parties that celebrate Satan, and the Russians  were better under Soviet rule; not only did they not have the occult influence of the West, but they also had much less crime,too; now it’s practically run by the Mafia and there wasn’t the poverty then like  they have now,either! I was there in 1985 and it was alot different than it is now and I don’t like what’s happened to it!

I was also disgusted to see  photos of my cousin’s 11 YR old daughter from when they were on a cruise(they go twice a YR) and she was wearing high heels and a mini skirt up to her thigh, a strapless mini dress, and a bikini.She looked like a mini hooker to be honest and that’s no way to let your kid dress! I couldn’t believe it! I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up pregnant at 13.Why can’t kids just be KIDS? What kind of person lets their kid dress up like a hooker? I’m disappointed in my cousin.She never used to be like that( she used to be a nerd!) and she was wearing a too- short black lace  slutty dress herself.Maybe she turned into a slut after she left her husband? Bad example…what’s happened to her?