Godless Heathen!

 I don’t think I’ve ever been madder at my hubby or hated him more than I am and do now! He knows how I feel about evil Hallowe’en, how I avoid it due to it’s occult nature (as does our kids church youth group,and they even gave a speech to the kids on why it glorifies Satan and the demons and why they shouldn’t celebrate it,and it was the same with our homeschooling group as well) yet he continues to hassle me about it, even going as far as to threaten to take the kids out trick-or -treating on Hallowe’en to spite me; letting the kids get dressed up and get candy, but OVER MY DEAD BODY!! There’s no way in hell I’m letting them go! I’m trying my best to raise the kids godly, to have them avoid the occult and stay unstained from the world and it’s bad enough he’s already trying to turn them into white trash rednecks like he is but he’s NOT turning them away from God and to the occult! I don’t care WHAT I have to do; there’s no way they’re taking part in celebrating ANY of it and I’m so sick of always being dismissed, over-ruled, and undermined and he always sabotages me at every turn! He’s a godless heathen that never did care about what God wants but the religious upbringing of my kids is my entire life and I dedicate myself to it and there’s no way I’m letting him interfere or ruin it and they’re MY kids too and I DO have some say and they’re NOT participating in evil!

His excuse is it’s just “harmless fun” and it’s “stupid” I “let them dress up on other days but not on Hallowe’en” but we’re told in the Bible to avoid everything to do with the occult,and it’s not “harmless fun”; that’s what Satan wants us to think; he’s very clever and crafty that way; he disguises evil and makes it LOOK harmless, fun,and enticing; that’s how he sucks you in,and once you open the “door” even a crack to the dark side, it makes it easier for the demons to take hold of your life. It’s like if you dress up a pig in fine jewellery and clothing underneath it’s still a pig; you can dress up evil and make it look fun and innocent but underneath it’s still evil; it still doesn’t change what it really is. It works the same way with other sins as well such as illicit sex, alcohol,drugs,gambling,etc .The rest of the world does it, it looks like “fun”, you have a good time,party, etc. but really it’s harmful to you,separates you from God, endangers your eternal soul, makes it less likely you’ll make it to Heaven, and is best left alone. It’s the same with the occult,and once you start a little it graduates to more and more. It’s best to avoid it completely.

My hubby has done many,many things to betray my trust and faith in him but if he does this then this will be the worst. If I was able to survive on my own(if I didn’t have the limits of Asperger’s) I would leave him right now,move out, and file for divorce. This would be the last straw.That’s how seriously I take this , how much it means to me and how strongly I feel about it.This would be the ultimate unforgivable betrayal. I raise my kids the way God wants and don’t follow the world and certainly won’t allow them to do anything with any occult undertones and will defend it with my life. If he forces the kids to partake in occult Hallowe’en(even though they told me they also refuse to have anything to do with it; they know it’s evil,too) it will push me over the edge and who knows what I’ll do.I’ll die first before I’ll let them have anything to do with it. I swear, meeting him was the worst thing to happen to me and my biggest regret; he’s ruined my life and made me miserable. My mother also sneered that everything IS always my fault all the time too,and then they wonder WHY I hate my life and this family, why I feel so trapped and want to leave.

5 thoughts on “Godless Heathen!

  1. I agree halloween is sinister and promotes evil and darkness. It also seems to me that your husband has no respect for you or for anything that you believe in.I am sorry you have to be married to someone like that.

  2. but you did marry him and he is your husband. regardless if you see eye to eye on halloween, you need to respect him as your husband. what kind of Jesus are you showing him by threatening to leave him and diss him on your blog?!

  3. I don’t respect him because he treats me like crap and he hasn’t earned my respect. I didn’t threaten to leave him just because we don’t agree on Hallowee’n; there are many issues; this is just the last straw. As for “dissing” him on my blog it is my only outlet as I have no other way to vent and I have no other source of support or any other way to release my hurt and anger.

  4. Trista, I have been reading this blog for awhile now and her husband demeans her and is emotionally abusive and he comes across as a real inconsiderate jerk and he is lucky she hasn’t left him already and if it was me I would have left him long ago. He doesn’t deserve respect.I also agree Halloween is demonic and has no place in the life of a Christian.

  5. Ignore the haters.It’s your own personal blog and you have the right to post about anything and anyone you want, even your husband, and you don’t need anyone else’s permission or approval, and if they don’t like it they don’t have to read it, and by the way, I agree Halloween is bad . I enjoy your blog; it’s very raw,honest, real,and from the heart, and don’t let negativity and criticism get you down.

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