Hurricane Sandy.

 Hurricane Sandy is the Storm Of The Century and no one has seen anything like it; the sheer size of it (it can even be seen from the Space Station!) the wide area of destruction, the length of it, the severity of it, and combined with a N’oreaster it ended up being a Super Storm  of a magnitude unheard of,and it’s still going on! It began in the Caribbean about a week ago and caused a path of destruction there and many deaths(I believe some 60 or so) and then headed up the east coast of USA and Canada, hitting New York and New Jersey the worst, and they weren’t over reacting when they warned people to prepare, to stock up on emergency items and to evacuate; it WAS as bad as they had expected! It flooded the NYC subway system and it will be down for days, 7 million people are without electricity and may even take up to 10 days to restore, mainly lower Manhattan was hit the hardest, mainly due to high winds and flooding, walls of buildings were sheared right off, 50 people died, and 80 homes were destroyed due to fires in Queens. In New Jersey the gambling mecca Atlantic City area was particularly hit hard and I can’t help but wonder if it was being chastizied for the sin of gambling? Even here in Ontario we had 100 KM winds and torrential rain ( 50 mm or so) and 150 000 without power across the province, 60 000 in Toronto alone, and trees were down and smashed thru people’s roofs and onto their cars, and a woman was killed when a flying sign fell down and hit her in the head! Where we are we had the bad winds and rain and our power went out but not as bad as Toronto and nowhere near as catastrophic as NY and NJ!

The Bible verses about increased natural disasters and unusual weather patterns(there was also a 7.7 magnitude earthquake on BC too) come to mind here as well; signs that we’re indeed in the Last Days before God proclaims Judgement upon the Earth and punishes sinners, and I wonder if these disasters ARE indeed a warning from God; to turn away from sin(and punishment FOR sin) such as the sin of idolatry; the sins of materialism, worshipping money instead of God, and for the sins of abortion and contraception, the occult, and in Canada’s case for legalizing same-sex “marriage?” Could they be signs to turn back to God before it’s too late? I also wonder how it might affect the upcoming US election next week; I mean, with people rebuilding their shattered homes and lives following such destruction I’d think voting would be the last thing on their minds right now when they’re just trying to survive, and my mother and 16 YR old leave for their Caribbean cruise on the weekend as well so will they even  be able to get a flight out ok; will the flights(many of which are now still  cancelled) be up and running again by then? They’re just glad they have a direct flight to Miami(where they get the ship) and not making any connections as it would have been most likely in NYC or New Jersey!


As well, it turned out my hubby was just “joking” about taking the kids out for Hallowe’en; he just said it to get me riled up and to watch me get mad, as it’s “fun to watch me freak out”,but, I mean, what kind of person purposely LIKES to get someone upset? He’s just a “shit-disturber” and it’s just plain cruel! I also wish I could just fast-forward today( being the Devil’s day) and skip over it and avoid it completely and just go straight thru to tomorrow( “All-Saint’s Day”, a holy day to counter-act the evil from today).I can’t wait until today is over and then I won’t have to see or hear about it again for another YR!

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