Today’s post is a nostalgic one directed at our oldest, who is now 23 and in his 5th(last) YR at university(doing his Honour’s Thesis). Do you remember this book? Do you remember the other 4 books that also came in the series, “Little Patriots Read?” The titles were “Yawn At Dawn”, “A Stern Kern”, Drip,Drip,Drop”, Five In A Hive”, and “Hats Off!” They were published in 1986, 3 YRS before you were born and we got the homeschool curriculum and you started reading the books when you were just 2 YRS old.They are now long out of print and when we had the fire 16 YRS ago we lost 3 out of the series(the ones that were left out on the table) and tried to replace them but they were no longer being published and we couldn’t find them anywhere, leaving us with only 2 left in the set(the ones on the bookshelf) for the remaining kids to read. The survivors were damaged from smoke and water as well and we had to have one of them re-bound but they did it wrong and it ended up with some of the pages out of sequence and upside-down. Well, now an era has ended and the books have retired. They have gone thru all the kids over the YRS and now the youngest(the 5 YR old) has finished reading them. The kids have also all read(and retired) “Alphaphonics” and the “McGuffey” readers and have since moved on.So it has been 21 YRS but all the books have been retired!

All of our kids have developed a love of reading which they have learned from both my hubby and I as we are still both avid readers to this day. As a kid I enjoyed the Judy Blume novels and now I love reading the Beverly Lewis Amish themed series and I also love to read various other books and magazines as does my hubby; we both love to read and are always reading which is good as the more you read the smarter you get and the more you learn, plus, it’s fun to escape into a good book! The kids love to read as well, incl. the series “The Babysitters Club”, “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”(a few of the kids have read this series), “Animorphs”( a couple of them have read these) and “The Hardy Boys”, which the 5 YR old is reading now and our oldest read over an entire summer when he was 6 YRS old.The only things we don’t let them read is anything sinful or immoral in any way and nothing occult such as “Harry Potter”, “Goosebumps”, etc.

As well, yesterday alone  my blog got over 900 views which is the amount I normally get in a month, the 18 YR old went to a job fair and dropped off resumes, my hubby finished off a 4 days course for his job, and we are now  filling up shoeboxes with school supplies, toiletries, and toys for Operation Christmas Child to be handed out to needy kids in poverty-stricken areas of the world for Christmas like we do every YR but sadly this YR may be our last as with our financial situation soon we won’t even have enough money for food so we won’t have anything extra  left over anymore….

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