Dogs Allowed?

 I saw on the news a Toronto City Councillor has this hair-brained idea to pass a law allowing dogs to run free off-leash at ALL city parks (even though they already HAVE several designated dog parks in the city already where they run off-leash) saying there’s over 250 000 dogs in the city and they need exercise to be healthy yada,yada, yada, but I think it’s a STUPID idea, as if the parks are over taken by the dogs where are the PEOPLE supposed to go, esp . the kids? Many kids are frightened of dogs, esp. the smaller ones, and growing up in Toronto I spent alot of time at the park, as a child, esp. when I was younger as until I was 12 I lived in apartments and didn’t have anywhere to run and play and even when we got the house later it had such a small yard (it was just a narrow patch of grass) there was still no room to play and like most yards in the city they’re very small with very little property and  no room for swing sets and play structures so most kids depend on the parks, and if the dogs have taken over where are the kids supposed to go to play? I’d also  be afraid the dogs would attack the kids, the cyclists, and the joggers as well, not to mention all the dogshit that will be everywhere; it will be like a minefield walking in the park would  be like dodging landmines, and the parks would no longer be people-friendly! Why is it nowadays that animals have more rights than people do and are treated better? It’s a ridiculous idea and I hope it never passes! The dogs already have their own parks; why can’t they leave the rest for the people?

As well, they said on the news that 86% of Canadians would vote for Obama in the American election next week over Romney and I’m not surprised as people here are liberal and immoral and Obama does support gay rights and abortion rights so I can’t say I’m surprised and Romney has at least some ethics and morals which most  people here clearly do not, and Child Protection here even oppress diplomats’ kids  as well (so much for diplomatic immunity; even they’re not safe!) and they’re not even Canadian/citizens  but at least they can flee back to their home countries if they’re being threatened, an option the rest of us don’t have, and the intrusive  Big Brother gov’t here is getting worse and worse all the time and we’re getting less and less rights and freedoms, and I saw on a show that was ending before the news came on that the musical “Annie” seems to be making a revival and I remember seeing that back in the 80’s(I even had an “Annie” doll)and fondly remember seeing all of the musicals live growing up; my mother took me to see them and I miss the culture I was raised with and there’s NO culture here in “Bumble-F*ck” , nothing but low-class ill-mannered uncultured dumb rednecks here! I miss the city so much!!

My cousin and her husband(who live in the UK) also arrived in Spain(they spend the winters there) but the drug sniffing dogs at the airport “tagged” her wheelchair for drugs and she was pulled over and hauled off into an interrogation room and questioned but the only drugs she takes are the prescription ones from the doctor for her myriad medical issues and whatever it was got settled as they let her go, but what a scare! My mother and the 16 YR old also leave later tonight for the overnight airport hotel and leave for the trip early tomorrow morning and will be gone a week and are going to the Bahamas, Grand Turk, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten. She needs the 16 YR old to basically be her “slave”; to carry her luggage, to carry her bags when she shops, to get her food and beach towel for her, etc. not that she can’t, but that she ‘d rather not and would prefer someone else serves her and does it for her.My hubby was also drinking right out of the milk carton again( a crass uncouth habit the boys have now picked up from him as well, much to my disgust) and I told him he’s such an uncultured loser and redneck and he howled,”Yee-haw!” and I shook my head and said, “You’re such white trash; you embarrass me!” I don’t know why I even put up with him! He’s such a pig.