Furby Invasion!

 That annoying little Furby is making a comeback! I can’t believe it! I remember it when our oldest (now age 23) was little had it and now it’s back! I see it advertised everywhere, being touted as one of the “hottest” kids’ Christmas toys this YR and ridiculously over priced,too at 75$! When we had ours many YRS ago it was only around 25$ or so and it was really annoying and the stupid thing never shut up! It chattered on and on non-stop and it  drove me nuts! I eventually ended up having to bury it in the hall closet under a bunch of towels, smothering and muffling it until the batteries finally died out. We tried turning it off but it didn’t work and we weren’t able to get the batteries out; it was like it had a life of it’s own! It seemed endearing and fun at first speaking “Furbish” and teaching it English words over time and we thought we might even be able to teach it a few curse words(which didn’t work) but then it just got to be a real pain in the ass. I can’t believe they’re bring the annoying thing back again and over charging for it too,and no, we won’t be buying one this time.

As well, my cousin said it was her amyll nitrate angina spray she had in her bag that the drug sniffing dogs at the airport picked up on her wheelchair, and my mother and 16 YR old are on their Caribbean trip and their airport shuttle driver was completely useless; he never even carried their luggage or opened the door for them, they had to do everything themselves; people here are just SO unprofessional and incompetent, and originally they were going ahead with the NYC marathon even though people there have no electricity, heat, water, or food; devastated following the hurricane and have since cancelled it due to public outcry and I’m glad; it would have been in poor taste and I was appalled that they’d even considered it; a dumb race is hardly a priority when people are struggling to survive and trying to get their lives back together.

A friend in Austria also told me if Romney wins the US election it will set women’s rights back 50 YRS but I hope he wins as at least he has morals and ethics and is pro-life and my hubby enraged me by saying he hopes Obama wins even though he’s a Socialist and pro-abortion and pro-gay(and basically goes against everything I believe in as a Christian) and he even said he doesn’t think it’s important political candidates need to be pro-life or have morals and ethics but I think that they do and we got into this huge fight. We have NOTHING in common,are so far apart, and are just so different,and it’s annoying as well that the nightly TV news here covers the US election even more than it covers our OWN elections and I just fast-forward it on the PVR and skip thru all that crap like I do with sports and commercials. All we need to know is who wins; that’s enough, we don’t need to keep hearing all the debate and campaign details for 10 minutes on the news reports every night.Who CARES! It’s not even our country! At least soon it will FINALLY be all over! I’m as sick as hearing about it all the time as I am always hearing about redneck sports ! Enough already! I read a blog as well from  a diplomat family  that lives in Kuwait and he said to fill up his SUV tank of gas there  it only cost like 8.75$ and here it costs over 100$! We’re always getting over-charged and ripped off here! It sucks!